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Precious Metal ware, Jewelry,

Bracelets made of LEATHER; Bracelets of precious metal; Earrings; Jewelry; Jewelry boxes; Jewelry boxes of metal; Jewelry cases; Jewelry chains; Jewelry charms; Jewelry guard chains; Jewelry in the nature of armbands; Jewelry, namely, anklets; Jewelry, namely, arm cuffs; Jewelry, namely, collar tips of common metal; Jewelry, namely, collar tips of precious metal; Jewelry, namely, magnetic necklaces; Jewelry, namely, magnetic pendants; Jewelry, namely, stone pendants; Necklaces; Rings being jewelry; Rings made in whole or significant part of STERLING SILVER; Ankle bracelets; Bangle bracelets; Bead bracelets; Body jewelry; Body-piercing rings; Bracelets; Cabochons for making jewelry; Charm bracelets; Charms for jewelry; Charms for collar jewelry and bracelet; Charms for key chains; Charms for key rings; Charms for key rings or key chains; Charms for snap jewelry; Children's jewelry; Choker necklaces; Clasps for jewelry; Clip earrings; Cuff bracelets; Diamond jewelry; Drop earrings; Engagement rings; Fancy keyrings of precious metals; Fitted jewelry pouches; Fitted covers for jewelry rings to protect against impact, abrasion, and damage to the ring's band and stones; Gemstone jewelry; Gold thread jewelry; Gold-plated earrings; Gold-plated rings; Handmade snap jewelry; Hoop earrings; Imitation leather key chains; Jewel chains; Jewellery chains; Jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; Jewelry ring holders; Jewelry charms in precious metals or coated therewith; Jewelry clips for adapting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings; Jewelry, namely, dog tags for wear by humans for decorative purposes; Jewelry, namely, bracelets, wristbands and necklaces that also provides notification to the wearer of a pending medical related task; Key chains for use as jewellery; Key chains for use as jewelry; Key rings; Key rings comprised of split rings with decorative fobs or trinkets; Key rings of precious metals; Key chains; Key chains of precious metal; Keyrings of common metal; Leather jewelry and accessory boxes; Leather key chains; Metal key rings; Metal key chains; Neck chains; Necklace and earring combinations that can be worn separately or as one piece; Non-metal and non-leather key chains; Non-metal key rings; Nylon bracelets; Nylon ankle bracelets; Pierced earrings; Pins being jewelry; Plastic bracelets in the nature of jewelry; Plastic key rings; Plastic key chains; Rhinestones for making jewelry; Rings; Rubber or silicone wristbands in the nature of a bracelet; Sautoir necklaces; Silver thread jewelry; Split rings of precious metal for keys; Stainless steel jewelry bracelets; Watch bracelets; Watch chains; Watches and jewelry; Wedding rings; Women's jewelry; Wooden bead bracelets


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