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Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

35mm cameras; 3D camera systems, namely, adapters for allowing 3D shooting; Batteries; Batteries and battery chargers; Batteries and battery chargers for intravenous fluid delivery apparatus; Batteries for lighting; Batteries for pocketlamps; Batteries for use in hearing aids; Batteries for vehicles; Batteries, electric; Batteries, electric, for vehicles; Battery boxes; Battery cables; Battery cases; Battery charge devices; Battery chargers; Battery chargers for laptop computers; Battery chargers for mobile phones; Battery chargers for tablet computers; Battery chargers for use with telephones; Battery jump starters; Battery leads; Battery monitoring devices that may be attached to a battery to monitor the performance of the battery and operating software for use therewith, sold as a unit; Battery monitors; Battery packs; Battery performance monitors; Battery power supplies for medical ventilators; Battery powered meter for measuring the moisture content of coffee beans; Battery separator films; Battery separators; Battery starter cables; Battery terminal connector clamps; Battery testers; Camera cases; Camera containing a linear image sensor; Camera filters; Camera flashes; Camera handles; Camera hardware systems for IP (Internet protocol) video surveillance; Camera hoods; Camera lens adapters; Camera lens mounts; Camera mounts and supports; Camera shutters; Camera stability accessory, namely, a support arm, vest and sled for film and video cameras to absorb shaking moves while shooting; Camera straps; Camera tripods; Cameras; Cameras for monitoring and inspecting equipment in a nuclear power station; Cameras for self-developing film; Electronic access control systems for interlocking doors; Electronic advertisement and messaging display unit with multi-networking (TCP/IP) capabilities and remote connectivity; Electronic advertisement boards featuring a neon lamp; Electronic agendas; Electronic alarm for providing notice of bed-wetting; Electronic and electrical apparatus, namely, receipt issuing, reading and recording machines; Electronic and electrical apparatus, namely, ticket issuing, reading and recording machines; Electronic and electrical apparatus, namely, voucher issuing, reading and recording machines; Electronic and magnetic ID cards for use in connection with payment for services; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, cable television transmitters; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, communication link testers for testing communication links; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, digital transmitters; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, optical data links; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, optical receivers; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, optical transceivers; Electronic and optical communications instruments and components, namely, optical transmitters; Electronic animal confinement system; Electronic animal confinement systems; Electronic animal confinement unit comprising transmitters, electrical transformers, wires, and receiver collars; Electronic animal identification apparatus; Electronic apparatus and devices for controlling access to pay-television services; Electronic apparatus for electropysiological measurement and testing of cells; Electronic apparatus for testing automobile engine oil; Electronic apparatus for testing the sterility of medical equipment; Electronic apparatus for the remote control of industrial operations; Electronic apparatus, namely, electronic display boards, plasma display boards, electronic display screens; Electronic apparatus, namely, motion detectors; Electronic apparatus, namely, plasma display panels; Electronic apparatus, namely, stand alone displays for medical images; Electronic automated beverage dispensing machines, not heated or cooled; Electronic automatic coin dispensers; Electronic automatic ticket examination machines; Electronic black boxes for recording data; Electronic book reader; Electronic book reader covers; Electronic book readers; Electronic cables; Electronic calculators; Electronic carbon dioxide monitors, other than for medical purposes; Electronic card readers; Electronic cards for processing images; Electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits; Electronic cigar batteries; Electronic cigarette batteries; Electronic circuit board; Electronic circuit cards; Electronic circuits; Electronic circuits for error correction; Electronic clinicians training simulators; Electronic coding units; Electronic collars to train animals; Electronic combiners for connecting antennas and receivers; Electronic components for computers; Electronic components for juke boxes; Electronic components in the nature of infrared detectors for use in further manufacture; Electronic components, namely, piezoelectric switches; Electronic computerized credit card imprinters; Electronic computers; Electronic control circuits for use in demagnetizing magnetic chucks; Electronic control gears (ECGs) for LED lamps and light fixtures; Electronic control systems for engines; Electronic control systems for machines; Electronic controller for operating electronically alterable window tinting; Electronic controller to manage the power, movement and functions of an elevator; Electronic controllers for use with power converters; Electronic controllers used to reduce power consumption; Electronic controls for gasoline engines for land vehicles; Electronic controls for motors; Electronic currency converters; Electronic data loggers; Electronic data processing apparatus; Electronic data recorders; Electronic data relays for sensors; Electronic day planners; Electronic desk calculators; Electronic detectors for observing and measuring the infrared spectrum, namely, infrared detectors; Electronic device for eliminating corrosion from a boat lift in sea water; Electronic device for monitoring and optimizing photovoltaic arrays; Electronic device to charge and secure tablet PCs; Electronic devices for reading, encoding and programming transponder keys; Electronic devices used to locate lost objects employing radio frequency; Electronic diaries; Electronic digital signboards; Electronic disc title printers; Electronic display interfaces; Electronic displays, namely, digital signage; Electronic docking stations; Electronic door alarms; Electronic drum triggers; Electronic effect pedals for use with sound amplifiers; Electronic effects pedals for use with musical instruments; Electronic effects units for musical instruments; Electronic encryption units; Electronic equipment for mine detection; Electronic exit alarms; Electronic frequency converters for high velocity electro motors; Electronic game programs; Electronic game software; Electronic game software for cellular telephones; Electronic game software for handheld electronic devices; Electronic game software for wireless devices; Electronic glass break detectors; Electronic indicator boards; Electronic indicator panels; Electronic instruments for use in remote inspection and measurement of industrial components using remote visual devices; Electronic instruments, namely, logic analyzers; Electronic integrated circuits; Electronic interactive whiteboards; Electronic interconnecters for audio and video signals; Electronic key cards; Electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; Electronic LCD display unit with multi-networking (TCP/IP) capabilities; Electronic LED signs; Electronic lock assemblies; Electronic locks; Electronic machines for reading credit cards and recording financial operations; Electronic magnetostrictive equipment, namely, a wave generator, wave sensor and wave analyzer; Electronic memories; Electronic memory card readers; Electronic metering faucets; Electronic monitors for monitoring flowmeters; Electronic motion sensitive switches; Electronic motor switches for switching off motors; Electronic navigational and positioning apparatus and instruments; Electronic notice boards; Electronic numeric displays; Electronic paper displays; Electronic parking lot ticket dispensers; Electronic payment terminal; Electronic pens; Electronic personal identification number (PIN) pads; Electronic personal organisers; Electronic personal organizer; Electronic plant moisture sensor; Electronic plotters; Electronic pocket translators; Electronic position indicator for onboard boat pontoon lifts; Electronic power supplies for driving electric motors; Electronic proximity sensors and switches; Electronic readers and controllers for controlling access to a premises; Electronic readers/recorders for medical patient identification bands; Electronic recorders for storing and archiving information related to power system faults; Electronic resolvers; Electronic scalers for audio and video signals; Electronic scoreboards; Electronic security and surveillance devices, namely, electronic security tags and labels, acoustic tags, magnetic tags; Electronic semi-conductors; Electronic sensors for measuring solar radiation; Electronic servo motor controllers; Electronic sheet music, downloadable; Electronic signs; Electronic sliding callipers; Electronic sound mixing, processing and synthesizing apparatus; Electronic sound pickup for guitars and basses; Electronic spectrophotometer for use in identifying and measuring colors; Electronic speed controllers; Electronic sports training simulators; Electronic stud finders; Electronic switchers for audio and video signals; Electronic systems for recording and automated playback of acoustic pianos; Electronic tags for goods; Electronic taximeters; Electronic terminal for an electronic lottery system which generates lottery tickets; Electronic terminals for highway toll collection; Electronic test instrument and associated software for use in leak, flow and functional testing; Electronic testing equipment, namely, sound level meters; Electronic testing equipment, namely, telecommunication line integrity testing apparatus; Electronic text-messaging device for use in conjunction with personal digital assistants; Electronic timer for use while brushing teeth; Electronic timers; Electronic touch sensitive pads for use with infant movement alarms; Electronic touch sensitive switches; Electronic transit information signs; Electronic transmitters and receivers used to locate lost children; Electronic transmitters for jamming signals; Electronic ultrasound flaw detectors; Electronic valves for controlling gas or fluids; Electronic video surveillance products, namely, electronic components of security systems; Electronic warning bells; Electronic warning horn; Electronic weighing scales for kitchen use; Electronic writing tablets; Electronic-based instruments for measuring environmental parameters including humidity, mold, bacteria, air quality and water quality; Access control and alarm monitoring systems; Accumulators; Accumulators and batteries; Acidimeters for batteries; Adapter rings for attaching objectives on cameras; An optical metrology inspection system comprised of a light source, one or more cameras and sensors in communication with computer software and hardware; Analog cameras; Anode batteries; Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic cladding panels; Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic roofing members; Apparatus for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy, namely, photovoltaic solar modules; Audio electronic components, namely, surround sound systems; Audio circuit boards; Automatic inlet control valves for reciprocating air compressors; Automotive testing equipment, namely, transmission testing and brake testing equipment; Auxiliary battery packs; Bags for cameras and photographic equipment; Bags for underwater camera enclosures; Bags specially adapted for underwater camera housings; Batteries for electronic cigarettes; Bellows for cameras; BIOS (basic input/output system) computer program; Blank electronic chip cards; Blank electronic storage media; Blank floppy computer discs; Blank hard computer discs; Body cameras; Bullet-proof vests and clothing; Cable broadcast transmission machines and apparatus; Cable television converters; Calculators; Calibrated glassware; Car batteries; Carbon nano tubes, namely, tubular carbon molecules used in extremely small scale electronic and mechanical applications; Cases adapted for cameras; Cases for electronic diaries; Cell phone battery chargers; Cell phone battery chargers for use in vehicles; Cellular phone usage detection system comprising a camera and a mobile phone signal receiving device; Central processing unit (CPU) clocks; Central processing unit (CPU) coolers; Central processing unit (CPU) fans; Central processing units (CPU); Chargers for batteries; Chargers for electronic cigarettes; Chargers for electric batteries; Checkstands for retail stores in the nature of electronic checkout stations for point of sale; Cinematographic cameras; Circulators in the nature of electronic components; Clapperboards; Clickers for training dogs; Closed circuit TV systems for security and surveillance, namely, cameras, switchers, monitors, microphones, and recorders; Color filters for television and motion picture film cameras; Commercial safety nets; Component parts of batteries, namely, vent caps; Components for laser toner cartridges, namely, replacement drums and rollers; Computer cameras; Computer accelerator board; Computer based apparatus for designing the layout of electronic circuits; Computer card adapter; Computer chassis; Computer component testing and calibrating equipment; Computer expansion boards; Computer graphics boards; Computer heat sinks; Computer keypads; Computer memory hardware; Computer network adapters; Computer networking hardware; Computer parallel ports; Computer programs used for electronic cash register systems; Computer serial ports; Computer software for administration of computer local area networks; Computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers; Computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data; Computer software that assists computers in deploying parallel applications and performing parallel computations; Computer stylus; Computer-controlled electronic apparatus for electrophysiological measurement and testing of cells; Connectors for electronic circuits; Contrast enhancement filters for electronic display readout windows; Control valves for regulating the flow of gases and liquids; Conversion lenses for cameras; Customer self service electronic checkout stations for point of sale; Dashboard cameras; Daughterboards; Day and night vision systems primarily comprising day and night sensors, day and night cameras, power sources, communication means, monitors and operating software; Decoder software; Decorative and fanciful items for covering of, and for use in connection with protective helmets, excluding stickers; Decorative covers for smoke detectors; Decorative switch plate covers; Design libraries, namely, downloadable electronic data files for use in integrated circuit and semiconductor design; Digital camera accessory in the nature of a digital photo viewer; Digital cameras; Digital cameras for industrial use; Digital audio players; Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras; Digital video cameras; Disposable cameras; Document cameras; Downloadable electronic data files and databases, namely, business and tax forms, for use with computer software; Downloadable electronic dictionaries; Downloadable electronic game programs; Downloadable electronic greeting cards for sending by regular mail; Dry cells and batteries; DVD burners; DVD recording apparatus; Electric batteries; Electric batteries for powering electric vehicles; Electric and electronic circuits; Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments; Electric and electronic video surveillance installations; Electric storage batteries; Electric, electronic, or electrochemical oxygen monitors and sensors for environmental use; Electrical and electronic burglar alarms; Electrical and electronic connectors; Electrical cells and batteries; Electrical raceways; Electrical storage batteries; Electronic test and measurement devices for use in the fields of networks and telecommunications, namely, instrumentation used to test and certify new and existing data and voice communication cable and coaxial cable; Electrophoresis apparatus not for medical purposes; Elevator performance monitoring system, namely, embedded software in controllers for monitoring elevator functions; Emergency auto kits comprised of a battery charger and a hand held spotlight; Endoscopy cameras for industrial purposes; Enterprise software in the nature of a database for non-transactional data and a search engine for database content; Environmental enclosures, namely, structures specially adapted to hold and protect cameras from outdoor elements and tampering; Epidiascopes; Ethernet controllers; Ethernet repeaters; Ethernet transceivers; Event recorders; Exposed camera film; Exposed X-ray film; Eyeglass cases; Eyeglass chains; Eyeglass frames; Eyeglass lenses; Eyeglasses; Eyewear accessories, namely, straps, neck cords and head straps which restrain eyewear from movement on a wearer; Film cameras; Film magazines for cameras; Film portrait cameras; Fish-eye conversion lenses for cameras; Flash card adapters; Flash guns; Flash lamps; Flashlamps for cameras; Flat panel display screens; Floating fish weighing scales; Floppy disc drives; Floppy discs drives; Flotation vests; Flowmeters; Fluorescent lamp ballast for electric lights; Follow focus apparatus for adjusting camera lenses; Frames for spectacles and sunglasses; Frequency converter for actuators; Frequency converters; Frequency meters; Fuel cells; Fuses; Fuses; Galvanic batteries; Gamma radiation detector for electronic detection of hidden contraband; Golf club swing aids, namely, golf club balancing scales and scale parts thereof, to analyze, fit and/or make golf clubs; Gramophones; Graphite electrodes; Gravimeters; Grids for batteries; Guitar effects processors; Gyrocompasses; Gyrometers; Gyroscope stabilizers for cameras; Gyroscopes; Hand scanner; Hand-held electronic dictionaries; Handheld electronic units for adjusting sound levels in hearing aids; Headsets for telephones; Heat sinks for use in electronic components; High tension batteries; Hunting binoculars; Ignition batteries; Illumination regulators; Illuminometers; In-flight testing equipment; Inclinometers; Indicator lights; Induction voltage regulators; Infrared cameras; Input devices for computer hardware and electronic instruments, namely, jog wheels; Instruments for detecting and measuring two-dimensional distribution of force and pressure; Instruments for measuring length; Instruments for measuring milk quality parameters; Integrated battery backup systems comprising a battery, an electronic measurement apparatus for use in the measurement of battery health and performance, and a remote computer software program that uses the foregoing data to trend, predict, and store data related to the health of the battery; Integrated boiler control systems consisting of electronic flame safeguard and modulating controls; Integrated circuit module; Integrated circuit modules; Integrated circuits and integrated circuit cores for use in wireless communications and wireless communication equipment and apparati and digital signal processors (DSP); Intercoms; Interface cards for data processing equipment in the form of printed circuits; Interface circuits for video cameras; Interfaces for detectors; Interferometers; Internet phones; IP (Internet protocol) cameras; IP (Internet protocol) speed dome cameras; Japanese style box-shaped volume measure (masu); Jump start cables; Junction sleeves for fibre optics; Keyboards; Keyboards for mobile phones; Keyless entry system and keyless ignition switch system for automotive vehicles comprised of a microprocessor, electronic signal receiver, and keyfob with electronic signal transponder; Knee pads for workers; Laboratory equipment and supplies, namely, calipers; Laboratory equipment and supplies, namely, incubators; Laboratory equipment and supplies, namely, thermometers; Laboratory equipment, namely, crucibles; Laboratory equipment, namely, cupels; Laboratory equipment, namely, plastic, rubber and elastomer closures, seals and stoppers for laboratory bottles; Laboratory filters; Laboratory furniture; Laboratory glassware; Laboratory robots; Laminar flow biological safety cabinet hoods for laboratory use; LAN (local area network) access points for connecting network computer users; LAN (local area network) operating software; LAN computer cards for connecting portable computer devices to computer networks; Laser desorption plates for use in analytical analysis; Laser scanners for industrial inspection; Laser-beam-emitting device which projects right angles for construction purposes; Lasers for measuring purposes; LCD projectors used to display advertisements; Lead-acid battery testing, desulfating and regenerating devices; Lens caps for use with film, digital, and video cameras; Lens filters; Lens hoods; Lenses for cameras; Lenses for cellular phone cameras; Lenses for smartphone cameras; Life belts; Lights for use on video cameras; Liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors; Lithium ion batteries; Lithium iron phosphate batteries; Lithium phosphate batteries; Logic circuits; Magnetic powders; Magnetically encoded key cards; Math coprocessor; Measuring apparatus for temperature and humidity levels in gases and solid substances; Measuring buckets; Measuring rules; Measuring tapes; Medical research equipment, namely, computers, gamma cameras, collimators, aperture plates and computer software, all sold together as a unit for use in high resolution, high sensitivity tomographic image processing and imaging in the field of nuclear medicine; Memory boards; Memory expansion modules; Messenger bags especially adapted for holding electronic book readers; Metal compression testing machines; Metal depository containing a video camera, display screen, touch screen user interface and access card reader to record deposits; Metal hardness testing machines; Metal strength testing machines; Metallurgical microscopes; Micro-computer; Micro-computers; Microchip cards; Microhardness testers; Microphone stands; Microphones; Microscope condensers; Microscope illuminating devices; Microwave antennas; Microwave transmission apparatus for delivering radio programs and messages; Mineral insulated electric cables; Mirror and star diagonals; Mirrorless cameras; Mobile computers; Mobile phone cases featuring rechargeable batteries; Mobile phone straps; Mobile telephone batteries; Mobile telephone apparatus with built-in facsimile systems; Monitoring devices for monitoring battery performance characteristics; Monocles; Monocular frames; Monopods for cameras; Monopods used to take photographs by positioning a smartphone or camera beyond the normal range of the arm; Motherboards; Motion picture cameras; Motion-activated cameras; Motion-picture cameras for self-developing film; Mounting devices for cameras and monitors; Movie editing projectors; MP3 players; Multi-functional electronic payment terminals; Multi-outlet socket blocks; Multiframe view cameras; Multimedia accelerator boards; Multiple purpose cameras; Music-composition software; Musical instrument amplifiers; Nano tubes, namely, tubular carbon molecules used in extremely small scale electronic and mechanical applications; Nautical and photographic apparatus and instruments, namely, underwater housings for cameras, underwater enclosures for cameras and underwater enclosures for photographic lenses; Navigation apparatus for vehicles; Nickel-cadmium storage batteries; Noisemeters; Nonlinear optical fibres; Nose clips for swimming; Oil level sensors; Opacimeter; Operating system programs; Optical cables; Optical disc drives; Optical disk drives; Optical disk readers; Optical fiber cables; Optical frequency metrology devices; Optical readers; Optical reflectors; Optical semiconductor amplifiers; Optical shutters; Oscillators; Oscillographs; Ozonisers; Pagers; Paging apparatus; Paging equipment; Parabolic antennas; Personal computers; Personal headphones for use with sound transmitting systems; Photo-copying machines; Photocopiers; Photocopy machines; Photodiodes; Photographic cameras; Photographic cameras for the instant production of pictures; Photographic exposure meters; Photographic filters; Photographic flash units; Photographic viewfinders; Phototelegraphy apparatus; Pickups; Picture projectors; Pince-nez; Pince-nez chains; Pince-nez cords; Pince-nez mountings; Planetarium projectors; Planimeters; Plastic rotating attachment affixed to a telephone or other electronic cord to prevent tangling; Plastic testing machines; Plate cameras; Plates for batteries; Plug adaptors; Plug connectors; Plug-in connectors; Pocket computers for note-taking; Pocket translators; Pocket translators, electronic; Pocket-sized electronic calculators; Point-of-sale terminals; Polarisation maintaining optical fibres; Polarizing microscopes; Polarizing spectacles; Pollutant sensors; Portable electronic recorder for measuring and recording multiple voltage, current and thermocouple readings from various transducers; Portable digital electronic scales; Portable media players; Portable radios; Portable video cameras with built-in videocassette recorders; Portable wrist-mounted digital electronic device for audio recording and audio playback; Power amplifiers; Power controllers; Power distributing boxes; Power switches; Power transformers for amplification; Precision theodolites; Pressure recorders; Pressure sensors; Printed electronic circuits for apparatus and cards bearing integrated circuits; Printing fonts that can be downloaded provided by means of electronic transmission; Prisms; Prisms; Programmable locking systems, consisting of electronic cylindrical locksets and keypads; Projection screens for movie films; Protection and safety apparatus, namely, inflatable flotation devices; Protection masks; Protective covers for electronic reading devices; Protective eye pieces; Protective eyeglasses; Protective glasses; Protective helmets for sports; Protective spectacles; Protective work gloves; Public address systems; Public telephones; Pulse generators in the nature of electronic circuits; Quantum dots, namely, crystalline semi-conductor material; Racing safety apparel, namely, flame retardant balaclavas; Racks for batteries; Radar receivers with amplifiers; Radiation shields for electronic products; Radiation-measuring instruments; Radio pagers; Radio receivers; Radio relay cables; Radio sets; Radio transmitters; Radios; Radios for vehicles; Radios incorporating clocks; Radon detectors; Railway signals; RAM (random access memory) card; Range finders for cameras; Raster image processors; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Receivers for receiving cable television; Receivers for satellites; Receivers of electronic signals; Rechargeable batteries; Rechargeable electric batteries; Rechargers for electric accumulators; Reconfigurable processors for use in wireless communication handsets and network equipment in the field of wideband communications; Record players; Record players for digital compact disks; Rectifier modules; Rectifier tubes; Reflectors for microscopes; Reflectors for telescopes; Reflectors for traffic signals; Refractometers; Registration control apparatus for printing presses; Regulators for use in scuba diving; Remote video monitoring system consisting primarily of a camera and video monitor for recording and transmitting images to a remote location; Remotely-controlled sub-aquatic video camera containing a TV camera, transmitter, receiver and microphone to record, detect, measure, survey and locate objects underwater; Renewable battery system to provide backup power; Repeaters for radio and television stations; Resistance measuring instruments; Resistance wires; Resonators; Respirators other than for artificial respiration; Rheometers for measuring the viscosity and viscoelasticity of fluids; Rotary converters; Rotating lights; Round plug connectors; Safety contact plugs; Safety harnesses for auto racing; Satellite aerials; Satellite dishes; Satellite dishes for satellite transmissions; Satellite receivers; Scanners for automatic surface control; Scientific apparatus for determining the water content in petroleum products; Screw-thread measuring machines and instruments; Secure terminals for electronic transactions; Security lighting system for vehicles using radio frequency device; Self-acting focussing projectors; Self-timers; Semi-conductor memories; Semi-conductor memory units; Set-top boxes; Shield cases for magnetic disks; Shoes for protection against accidents and fire; Short range radios; Shutter releases; Shutters; Side guards for eyeglasses; Signal splitters for electronic apparatus; Silicon carbide diodes; Sirens; Ski glasses; Ski goggles; Slide film mounts; Slide framing apparatus; Slide-rules; Snow goggles; Software for dosimetry purposes in the field of radiotherapy; Software for ensuring the security of electronic mail; Software for optical character recognition; Software for processing images, graphics and text; Software for the operational management of portable magnetic and electronic cards; Software programmable microprocessors; Software to control and improve audio equipment sound quality; Solar batteries; Solar recharging battery pack for digital cameras; Solar-powered battery chargers; Solar-powered rechargeable batteries; Sound amplifiers; Sound filters made of cloth, for radio apparatus; Sound level meters; Sound mixers; Sound mixers with integrated amplifiers; Spectacle frames made of metal and of synthetic material; Spectacle frames made of metal or a combination of metal and plastics; Spectacle frames made of metal or of a combination of metal and plastic; Spectacle holders; Speed indicators; Speedometer testers; Spherometers; Splices for electrical transmission lines; Spools for cameras; Sports eyewear; Sports glasses; Sports training eyeglasses; Sprinkler systems for fire protection; Sprinkler valve wiring hubs, including both computerized and non-computerized units; Spyglasses; Stereoscopes; Structured semi-conductor wafers; Sunglass lenses; Super luminescent laser diodes; Surveying compass needles; Survival suits; Swimming face masks; Swimming goggles; Tape recorders; Telecameras; Telecommunication cables; Telecommunication exchangers; Telecommunications and data networking hardware, namely, devices for transporting and aggregating voice, data, and video communications across multiple network infrastructures and communications protocols; Telecommunications cables; Telecommunications transmitters; Telecopying equipment; Telegraphic transmitting apparatus; Telephone and radio lightwave data links; Telephone answering apparatus; Telephone apparatus; Telephone connectors; Telephone recorders; Telephone sets; Telephone sets with screen and keyboard; Telephone terminal; Telephone terminals; Telescopic sights; Television cameras; Television apparatus for projection purposes; Television decoder; Television monitors; Television receivers; Television transmitters; Temperature indicators; Temperature sensors; Terminals for radiotelephones; Test adapters for testing printed circuit boards; Test pins for testing printed circuit boards; Testers for axle clearance; Testing apparatus for testing printed circuit boards; Textile testing machines; Theatre glasses; Thermal imaging cameras; Thermally activated manually resettable fire safety valves; Thermistors; Thin-film solar (TFS), vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and Hybrid TFS VAWT off-grid power and deep cycle battery storage systems composed of batteries, charge controllers and inverters with integrated LED bulbs and LED light fixtures; Threaded cable connectors of metal; Tilting heads; Time clocks; Time lapse digital cameras for viewing plant growth; Tool measuring instruments; Touch panels; Track ball input devices; Trackballs; Traffic lights; Transistors; Transits; Transmitters of electronic signals; Tripods; Tripods; Tripods; Tripods for cameras; Turbine control systems comprising electronic sensors and related software; TV cameras; TV monitors; Tyre-pressure measurers; Ultrasonic flaw detectors; Ultrasonic sensors; Underwater cameras; Underwater breathing apparatus; Unloading check valves for the outlets of air compressors; Unmounted spectacle frames; UPI (universal peripheral interface) hardware; UPI (universal peripheral interface) software; USB (universal serial bus) hardware; USB (universal serial bus) operating software; Vehicle breakdown warning lamps; Vehicle breakdown warning triangles; Vehicle detection equipment, namely, display monitors, computers, image sensors, video cameras, and operating system and application software to detect vehicle location; Vehicle drive training simulators; Vehicle locator and recovery device programmed to use global positioning systems (GPS) and cellular telecommunications; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic deer alerts; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, electronic tire pressure monitors; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, an on-board vehicular surveillance system comprised of cameras and monitors for exposing and eliminating the blind spots on both sides of the vehicle; Vehicle safety equipment, namely, back-up sensors and cameras; Vibrating alarm incorporated into plastic medication cases sold empty as a reminder to take medication; Vibration dampeners for electronic audio equipment; Vibration meters; Video cameras; Video cameras for analyzing golf swing; Video cassette recorders and players, compact disc players, digital audio tape recorders and players, electronic diaries; Video disk players; Video graphics accelerator; Video graphics controller; Video multiplexers; Video phones; Video processors; Video projectors; Video tape recorders; Video-telephones; Videocameras; Videocassette recorders; Videodisc players; Videotape recorders; Viewfinders; Viscosimeters; Voice display monitors; Voltage monitor modules; Voltage regulators; Voltage stabilizers; Voltage stabilizing power supply; VPN (virtual private network) hardware; VPN (virtual private network) operating software; WAN (wide area network) hardware; WAN (wide area network) operating software; Warning triangles; Warning triangles to indicate vehicle breakdowns; Water filter controllers; Wattmeters; Waveguides for high power beam delivery; Wavemeters; Wearable cameras; Web consoles; Welding helmets; Welding masks; Wet cell batteries; Wet cells; Wide-angle lenses for cameras; Wind sleeves; Wind sleeves; Winding wires; Wire diameter measuring devices; Wireless electronic scales; Wireless electronic visitor chimes; Wireless electronic visitor signal chimes; Wireless communication device featuring voice, data and image transmission including voice, text and picture messaging, a video and still image camera, also functional to purchase music, games, video and software applications over the air for downloading to the device; Wireless communication devices for transmitting images taken by a camera; Wireless computer peripherals; Wireless controllers to monitor and control the functioning of other electronic devices; Wireless telephony apparatus; Zenith telescopes


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