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Providing a website featuring information for consumers in the field of pet products; bringing together and selecting on a regular basis for the benefit of subscribing customers a certain variable selection of pet products; bringing together and selecting on a regular basis for the benefit of subscribing customers a variable selection of pet products selected especially for the individual subscriber, marketing and promotion services connected with pet products, presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes, information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid services; retail, mail order, electronic and on line retail services connected with the sale of all or some of the following goods: soaps, shampoos, detergents, and deodorants, all for animals, cleaners for litter trays, veterinary preparations and substances, additives for animal foods, disinfectants, pesticides, powders, sprays and collars, all for killing fleas and all for use with animals, medicated shampoos and detergents, all for animals, deodorisers for litter trays, electronic publications, electronic magazines, multi-media recordings and publications, application software for computers and mobile devices, data recorded in electronic, optical or magnetic form, data carriers, audio and visual recordings, prerecorded videos, CDs, CDI's, CD-ROMs, discs, cassettes and other data carriers containing information recorded in magazine form, and computer databases, all of the aforesaid pertaining to animals and/or pets, printed matter, printed publications, magazines, journals, periodical publications, newspapers, books, booklets, newsletters and guides, diaries, calendars, note books and address books, pictures, posters, and photographs; all the aforesaid relating to or bearing images of animals and/or pets, writing implements, stationery, pens and pencils, containers of cardboard for the transportation of animals and pets, cardboard articles for pets, clothing for animals and pets, collars, harnesses, bits, leads, muzzles, blankets, articles of clothing and non-edible chews, all for animals, ornaments made of plastic, resin, wood or wax, animal bedding, hard beds and baskets, upholstered mats, cushions, mattresses and bedding; all for household pets, kennels, hutches and carriers for animals, nesting boxes, scratching posts and pads, pet doors and cat flaps (non-metal), pet runs, nesting boxes for household pets, non-metallic identification tags and barrels for animals, picture frames, mirrors, display boards, key boards for hanging keys, plate racks, umbrella stands, articles for cleaning purposes, glassware, porcelain and earthenware, household or kitchen utensils and containers, brushes, combs, litter trays, bowls, food and water containers; all for pet animals, cages for animals, covers for animal cages, blankets, blankets for household pets, cloths, towels, duvet covers, pillow cases and cushion covers, clothing, footwear and headgear, toys and playthings for pet animals, animals, birds, live fish, pet food, dog and cat food, foodstuffs and beverages for animals, preparations for use as additives to foodstuffs for animals, litter for animals, pet treats, pet snacks, edible chews for animals, fish meat for animal consumption, yeast for animals, nutritional foods for animals, small animal bedding, small animal treats, bird seed, fish food in pellet or flake form, aquatic plants for decorating aquaria or ponds, and rabbit food, hay, and straw


Yappy Ltd

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  • May 25
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