Trademark Coverage

Medical Services, Veterinary Services, Hygienic and Beauty Care

Medical services; providing medical screening services; providing medical advice and medical services to travelers and airline employees; health care services; healthcare consulting relating to worker return to work after illness or injury; healthcare consulting in the field of occupational therapy; healthcare consulting in relation to occupational health and safety; advisory services relating to health, namely, medical advisory services; conducting medical physical evaluations for insurance and legal purposes; providing medical opinions; emergency medical services; Obtaining and providing information and imagery on agriculture to assist in insurance claims management and analysis, risk management and analysis, financial risk assessment, financial and investment analysis, and real estate valuation, and real estate risk management and analysis; Providing an interactive website featuring information, imagery, and analysis relating to agriculture; Medical services, namely, providing medical advice to insurance companies, trusts, intermediaries, and individuals regarding illness management; provision of health care and medical advice and consultation to health care professionals during the course of providing national and international medical transport services for patients; providing medical advice and consultation to insurance companies and intermediaries regarding the medical condition of patients

  • Oct 09
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