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Fitness Facility Operations, Commercial Software and Management Services: namely, Sales and Marketing Services, namely, e-mail engine services for marketing, promotions and communication; auto-response e-mail services in response to consumer driven communications; promotional and advertising services via software platform; facility ad-space generation and placement services; SMS text marketing services, sales representative management services directed towards, sales representative performance, goals achieved, and commissions and payouts due; CRM services; e-commerce and web-store services, including, shipping, tracking, invoicing, inventory control, rewards and loyalty program services; Client and Member Services, namely, app and web based services to facilitate fitness memberships, including scheduling services, appointment setting services, class and training session calendars, signup, and check-in services; client assessments and client fitness goal management services; client fitness and client workout information and tracking services; client nutritional information, evaluation and recommendations services; fitness facility class and training waitlist services; client points and rewards services; client payment and transaction history services; fitness center social media services including blogs, news article posting services; client social media fitness transformation services including fitness data, photos and video posting and sharing services; and customer notification services; Trainer and Instructor Services, namely, trainer centric app and web based portal directed towards, fitness facility and trainer communication; client leads management services; trainer payment and commission management services; trainer assessment and performance management services, fitness center and client trainer scheduling; external facility trainer management services, including mileage log, scheduling calendar, mapping and time log; external client management services; trainer roster and inter-trainer client transfer services; and trainer task management services; Administrative and Management Services, namely, fitness facility management services; app and web based facility management services; facility inventory control services; facility business management services; facility client management services; digital document facility and client member management services; and client and vendor payment processing services; Human Resource Services, namely, employee accounting, time keeping services, payroll, vacation, and performance services; employer and employee regulatory, compliance and notification services; employee reward, recognition and promotional services; employee and employer charitable and volunteer notification and management services; fitness facility, client, and employee incident reporting and reconciliation services; employee referral services; employee retirement and financial planning services; employee electronic documentation services; and employee evaluation services; Corporate Wellness Services, namely, fitness services for corporate entities including corporate accounting for fitness services; fitness planning, fitness tracking and fitness management services; corporate fitness scheduling and billing services; corporate location mapping services; corporate staff fitness management services; corporate fitness contract services; and corporate fitness app and web based portal services


VimSoft Solutions, Inc.

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