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Paper, Items made of Paper, Stationary items

Pen cases; Pen clips; Pen holders; Pen nibs; Pen rests; Pen stands; Pen trays; Pens; Pens for marking; Artists' pens; Ball pens; Ball point pens; Ball-point pens; Ballpoint pens; Balls for ball-point pens; Boxes for pens; Bubble pens; Coloured pens; Desk stands and holders for pens, pencils, and ink; Drawing pens; Felt pens; Felt writing pens; Felt-tip pens; Fibertip pens; Fountain pen ink cartridges; Fountain pens; Gel roller pens; Glitter pens for stationery purposes; Glue pens for stationery purposes; Highlighter pens; Highlighting pens; Ink pens; Ink for pens; Marking pens; Porous tip pens; Refills for ballpoint pens; Rollerball pens; Stands for pens; Stands for pens and pencils; Steel pens; Tips for ballpoint pens; Writing pen kits comprising parts for making writing pens


Ali Maadelat

Business in Beverly Hills, CA

Owns 1 trademark

  • May 30
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