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Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

Underwear; Underwear, namely, boy shorts; Anti-sweat underwear; Athletic shirts; Body shirts; Briefs; Button-front aloha shirts; Children's underwear; Hooded sweat shirts; Knit shirts; Ladies' underwear; Long underwear; Long-sleeved shirts; Men's underwear; Parts of clothing, namely, gussets for tights, gussets for stockings, gussets for bathing suits, gussets for underwear, gussets for leotards and gussets for footlets; Perspiration absorbent underwear clothing; Polo shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Sweat-absorbent underwear; Thermal underwear; Turtle neck shirts; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts; Women's underwear; Woven or knitted underwear; Yoga shirts


Collins George N

Business in Manhattan Beach, CA

Owns 2 trademarks

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