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Earphones; Audio amplifiers; Mobile Power Pack; Cases for mobile phones; Chargers for batteries; Computer game programmes downloadable via the Internet; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Microphones; Audio electronic components, namely, surround sound systems; Digital audio synthesizer; Portable audio players; Electronic products for the manipulation of the frequency, time, and amplitude characteristics of audio signals, namely, audio processors; Mobile phones; Devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; Digital to analog converters (DACs); Analog to digital converter (ADCs); Cell phone battery chargers; Computer software featuring musical sound recordings and musical video recordings; Computer software for processing digital music files; Computer software for wireless content delivery; Computer software for manipulating digital audio information for use in audio media applications; Computer software for creating and editing music and sounds


Jetvox Acoustic Corp.

Business in Taoyuan County, TW

Owns 3 trademarks

  • May 29
    Abandonment Notice Mailed Express Abandonment
  • May 29
    Abandonment Express Mailed
  • May 28
    TEAS Express Abandonment Received
  • Mar 19
    New Application Office Supplied Data Entered In TRAM
  • Mar 16
    New Application Entered In TRAM