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Medical Services, Veterinary Services, Hygienic and Beauty Care

home-visit nursing care; home health care services; home nursing aid services; medical assistant services; home nursing aid services; rehabilitation of drug addicted patients; rehabilitation patient care services which includes inpatient and outpatient care; rehabilitation of narcotic addicted patients; rehabilitation of alcohol addicted patients; rehabilitation for substance abuse patients; paramedical services in the nature of collecting health information, laboratory testing delivery services and conducting physical measurements, blood, urine and saliva specimens collection; behavioral health services, namely residential and outpatient treatment of drug, alcohol and process addiction disorders; behavioral and mental health counseling services in the field of addiction therapy; medical case management services, namely, providing medical evaluations, suggested courses of appropriate treatments, consults with treating physicians, and functional assessments of patients receiving medical rehabilitation services for purposes of guiding treatments; therapeutic intervention services for substance abuse; home health care services, namely, elderly health care, oncology health care, hospice care, postoperative residential and outpatient care, addiction therapy, IV vitamin infusions, and IV electrolyte replacement; providing wellness services, namely, detox support and addiction rehabilitation; in-home health care services in the fields of nursing, skilled nursing, physical therapy and rehabilitation, occupational therapy and rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, infusion therapy and phlebotomy; in-home behavioral health care services in the fields of Alzheimer's, dementia, mental health, cognitive decline and nutrition; providing limited in-home personal medical services for individuals including checking vital signs, medication compliance and individual hygiene, checking medical equipment and supplies, and providing on-line information related to these personal medical services


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