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Cords, Ropes, Nets, Awnings, Sacks, Padding

All-purpose straps comprised of synthetic textile materials; All-purpose nylon straps; All-purpose nylon straps featuring hook and loop fasteners; Arrays of resilient plastic straps that may be arranged in prescribed angular orientations relative to each other to accommodate objects of different sizes, shapes and configurations in any one of a multiplicity of different arrangements; Nylon strapping or tie downs; Nylon straps for handling loads; Nylon support straps for holding planted trees in an upward position; Nylon tie down straps; Nylon towing straps; Polypropylene straps for securing bales; Polypropylene straps for securing bundles; Rubber cable ties and straps for fastening and securing objects such as bundles of wire together; Tethers in the nature of polypropylene straps that are secured with suction cups to an object for holding children's utensils and toys; Vinyl and fabric strapping used in the manufacture/repair of lawn chairs


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