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Air pumps for automobiles; Automobile interior accessory, namely, durable and flexible wedge, which can be expanded or contracted, to fill gap between front seat and center console of an automobile preventing objects from dropping into gap; Axles for vehicles; Brake facings for vehicles; Chassis for motor vehicles; Clutches for land vehicles; Connecting rods for land vehicles other than parts of motors and engines; Driving motors for land vehicles; Engine mounts for land vehicles; Engines for land vehicles; Gearing for land vehicles; Hub caps; Hubs for vehicle wheels (motorcycles); Land vehicle suspension parts, namely, torsion/sway bars; Metal parts for vehicles, namely, automotive exterior and interior metal decorative and protective trim; Pumps for inflating vehicle tyres; Shock absorbers for automobiles; Steering boot kits for use with land vehicles; Steering brakes; Steering knuckles; Steering units for land vehicles and parts thereof; Steering and suspension systems and parts for steering and suspension systems for vehicles, namely, upper ball joints, lower ball joints, ball joints with control arms, bushing kits, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends, sleeves, idler arms, center links, stabilizer kits, inner sockets and pitman arms; Transmission shafts for land vehicles; Vehicle wheel hubs; Vehicles parts, namely, fuel filler pipes being the pipe in which one places a gasoline pump when fueling the vehicle

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