Trademark Coverage

Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Air cooling apparatus; Anti-splash tap nozzles; Aquarium lights; Bread baking machines; Drain structures for use in spas, steam rooms and baths; Electric light bulbs; Electric household dryers for specify, e.g., shoes, gloves, etc.; Electrically-heated carpets; Fluorescent lamps; Hair dryers; Lamp casings; Lamp mantles; Lamp shades; Lamps; Radiators, electric; Searchlights; String lights for festive decoration; Ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; Water purification installations; Bicycle lights; Ceiling lights; Coffee machines, electric; Discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; Diving lights; Electric roasters; Electric toasters; Electric flashlights; Electric lights for Christmas trees; Electric torches for lighting; Fairy lights for festive decoration; Faucets for pipes and pipelines being parts of sanitary installations; Friction lighters for igniting gas; Lampshade holders; Lanterns for lighting; Laser light projectors; LED safety lamps; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Motorcycle lights; Sockets for electric lights

  • Feb 28
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