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Air quality measurement apparatus, namely, particle counters; Art kit for use in assembly of art installation that creates a kaleidoscope painting of moving patterns and changing colors consisting of a custom designed incandescent/LED lamp with interchangeable colored glass filtered lenses, glass crystals with custom designed sterling silver bails, plastic mounting hooks, filaments for suspending crystals, a remote control for light color and dimming preferences, micro-fiber cleaning cloths, and instructions; Disposable latex gloves for laboratory use; Disposable plastic gloves for laboratory use; Electrostatic emission control devices, namely, electrostatic precipitators for reducing particulate emission in industrial applications; Magnetic coded cards for use as electronic tickets, use in financial transactions; Maintenance kits for scanners comprised primarily of sets of replacement parts for scanners, namely, pick rollers, separation rollers, brake rollers and pad assemblies and also including cleaning kits for scanners comprised of liquid cleaners, cleaning sheets, cleaning papers, cleaning wipes, cleaning cloths and cleaning swabs; Phonographic record cleaning kits comprised primarily of replacement stylus needles and also including cleaning solution and brushes; Protective clothing especially made for use in laboratories; Protective electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding gloves; Static electricity eliminators; Testing sample collection equipment, namely, wipes and swabs for use in diagnostic testing, not for medical purposes; Wireless chargers; Xerographic apparatus and instruments


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