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Design, development, and implementation of software for distributed computing platforms; Design, development, and implementation of software for blockchains; Research and development of computer software; Software development and product development consulting in the field of distributed computing platforms. Software as a service (SaaS) services for financial and advisory services in connection with the exchanging, trading, updating, clearing, settlement, custody, investment and processing of derivatives, digital currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins, and other financial assets, including assets whose ownership interests are represented and exchanged using blockchain technology; Providing a secure, web-based service featuring technology that enables users to remotely access, send, receive, store, and manage digital currency; Providing temporary on-line use of non-downloadable software for use in trading, clearing, confirmation, and financial trading risk management for exchange market transactions in the field of digitized assets such as bitcoins, cryptocurrency, digital tokens, collateral for derivatives, derivative contracts, virtual currency, and digital currency



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