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Application service provider (ASP) featuring software in the field of transportation for use in database management; application service provider (ASP) featuring software in the field of transportation for use in business management, namely, for providing real-time analytics to allow business executives to make informed decisions about the allocation of resources, assets, and manpower; computer service, namely, acting as an application service provider in the field of knowledge management to host computer application software for searching and retrieving information from databases and computer networks; maintenance of computer software; software authoring; technical support services, namely, troubleshooting of computer hardware and software problems; and updating of computer software for others; On-line system management services, namely, non-downloadable software that allows users to remotely view, monitor, program, operate and control electrical systems in vehicles; quality management services, namely, quality evaluation and analysis, quality assurance, and quality control, in the field of motor vehicle driving behavior; non-downloadable software for safety monitoring systems and algorithms for assessing and reporting on performance of drivers; quality evaluation and analysis in the nature of comparative assessment and scoring systems to ascertain and quantify the safety and efficiency of vehicular operations within a fleet; non-downloadable software for automated notification via a variety of communications media of various activities and events related to fleet operations; non-downloadable software for systems to enable enhanced routing, dispatching, and fleet operations, including communications to and from a vehicle; non-downloadable software for a system that provides a driver safety scorecard transmitted over various mediums and delivered to drivers and supervisors quantifying relative performance; non-downloadable software for a supervisory system that provides reports and analytic results designed to establish overall and individuated performance characteristics for a fleet, as well as comparative performance assessment between fleets


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