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Insurance, Financial

Financial planning and investment advisory services; Financial advice and consultancy services; Financial analysis; Financial asset management; Financial planning; Financial portfolio analysis services; Financial services, namely, a total portfolio offering for high net worth clients consisting of both separate accounts and mutual funds for equity and fixed income investments; Financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds for others, including private and public equity and debt investment services; Funds investment; Hedge fund investment services; Investment advice; Investment advisory services; Investment consultancy; Investment management; Investment of funds; Investment of funds for others; Mutual fund advisory services; Mutual fund analysis services; Mutual fund distribution; Mutual fund investment; Mutual fund planning services; Providing financial services with respect to securities and other financial instruments and products, namely, trading of and investments in securities and financial instruments and products for others; Providing information and research in the field of finance and financial investments

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