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Construction, Repair, Cleaning

Constructing decks; Constructing porches; Constructing sunrooms; Construction and renovation of buildings; Construction and repair of buildings; Construction consultancy; Construction consultation; Construction grading services; Construction management; Construction of aquatics facilities; Construction of buildings; Construction of medical establishments; Construction of modular buildings; Construction of modular homes; Construction of Residential buildings; Construction planning; Construction project management services; Construction project management services in the field of Residential construction; Construction services, namely, concrete paving, site clearing, excavation, pad preparation, grading, and asphalt paving services; Construction services, namely, planning, laying out and construction of a planned residential community; Construction services, namely, planning, laying out and construction of residential and commercial communities; Construction services, namely, planning, laying out and custom construction of residential and commercial communities; Construction supervision; Construction, maintenance and renovation of property; Advisory services relating to building construction; Building construction; Building construction and repair; Building construction information; Building construction services; Building construction supervision; Building construction, remodeling and repair; Consultation in building construction supervision; Consultation services in the field of construction of environmentally-conscious buildings; Consulting in the field of building construction; Custom construction and building renovation; Custom construction of homes; General construction contracting; Harbour construction; Housing services, namely, development of real property, namely, repair, improvement, and new construction; Housing services, namely, repair, improvement, and construction of residential real property; Laying and construction of pipelines; Pipeline construction; Pipeline construction and maintenance; Providing news and information in the field of environmentally-conscious building construction; Real estate development and construction of commercial, residential and hotel property; Residential and building construction consulting; Residential and commercial building construction; Road construction; Steel structure construction works; Street construction; Warehouse construction and repair


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