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Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Cases adapted for mobile phones; Cases for mobile phones; Cases for telephones; Cell phone cases; Protective covers for electronic reading devices; Protective covers for smartphones; Protective ear covering shields; Protective lens covers for telescopic gun sights; USB (universal serial bus) hardware; USB (universal serial bus) operating software; USB cables; USB cables for cellphones; USB card readers; USB charging ports; USB charging ports for use in vehicles; USB computer access control key; USB computer security key; USB dongles being wireless network adaptors; USB hubs; USB web keys for automatically launching pre-programmed website URLs; USB wireless routers; Accessories for lighting fixtures, namely, plastic pole with electrical source in protective cover; Blank USB cards; Blank USB flash drives; Carrying cases for cell phones; Carrying cases for mobile computers; Carrying cases for radio pagers; Carrying cases specially adapted for pocket calculators and cellphones; Computer cases; Computer carrying cases; Decorative and fanciful items for covering of, and for use in connection with protective helmets, excluding stickers; Eye covers for protective purposes; Fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for electronic devices, namely, MP3 players, mobile telephones, smart telephones, digital cameras, global positioning systems and personal digital assistants; Fitted radio covers used to protect automobile radios; Laptop carrying cases; Micro USB cables; Micro USB ports; Mobile phone cases featuring rechargeable batteries; Protective cases for smartphones; Protective covers and cases for cell phones, laptops and portable media players; Protective covers and cases for tablet computers


Tang Yunzhang

Business in Hunan, CN

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  • Mar 09
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