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weight lifting racks, weight lifting squat racks, wall-mounted exercise and weight lifting racks, wall-mounted squat racks, and wall-mounted exercise and weight lifting rack with pull-up bar; weight lifting benches, wall-mounted exercise and weight lifting benches; storage racks for physical fitness equipment, namely, abdominal exercise devices, abdominal mats, wall balls, medicine balls, weight plates, bumper plates for weightlifting equipment, and weightlifting bars; adjustable pull-up bars for adaptive athletes and children; dip stations; spotter arms; wall ball target; weightlifting equipment, namely, weight lifting bars, barbells for weightlifting, weight lifting plates, weight lifting bumpers, weight lifting rubber plates, weight lifting collars, spring collars, barbell collar, benches, weight lifting benches; abdominal mats; weight lifting wrist wraps; exercise mats and foldable exercise mats; weight lifting chalk bowls and wall-mounted weight lifting chalk bowls; plyometric boxes; medicine balls; kettlebells; gymnastic rings, straps for gymnastic rings; jump ropes; recovery compression bands; mobility bands; online store services featuring weightlifting equipment and exercise equipment


PRX Performance, LLC

Business in Fargo, ND

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