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Games, Toys, Sports Equipment

Athletic, boxing, kickboxing, combat sports, martial arts, mixed martial arts, weightlifting, strength, physical fitness, physical conditioning, gymnasium, exercise, sports and body-training apparatus, equipment, machines and devices, namely, boxing gloves, mixed martial arts gloves, karate gloves, sparring gloves; heavy bags, kick shields, punching pads, chest protectors, hand wraps, personal exercise mats, bag gloves, focus mitts, punching mitts, shin guards, punching bags, heavy bags, free standing bags, pads for use in boxing and martial arts, kick pads, target pads, thai pads; shin pads; karate target pads; kicking shields, head guards, female chest protectors, groin cups, karate targets, body shields, sparring vests, ankle and hand wraps, mouth guards, exercise bars, exercise benches; exercise doorway gym bars, stair-stepping machines, stationary cycles, abdominal boards, chest expanders, chest pulls, exercise platforms, trampolines, manually-operated exercise equipment, stress relief balls for hand exercise, bar bells for athletic use, weight lifting bells, weight lifting benches and bench accessories elliptical machines, fixed-gear stationary bikes, athletic protective pads for cycling, stationary bicycles for indoor cycling, group exercise platforms, and hiking machines, knee pads for athletic use, elbow pads for athletic use, weightlifting bars, dumbbells, plates, beams, posts, hangers, stands, hammers, storage racks, platforms, anchors, yokes, shackles, blocks, boxes, buckets, bumpers, devices, sleds, rigs, benches, machines, hooks, pins, grips, mats, holders, racks, weights, weightlifting bar collars and clamps, weightlifting logs, weightlifting bar jacks and wedges, weightlifting chalk, weightlifting chalk bowls and stands, jump rope and weightlifting belt hangers and racks, weightlifting belts, foam rollers, weightlifting wraps, weightlifting wrist wraps, weightlifting knee supports, wraps and sleeves, weightlifting elbow supports, wraps and sleeves, weightlifting shin/calf supports, wraps and sleeves, jump ropes, speed ropes, climbing ropes, conditioning ropes, exercise ropes, speed bags, heavy and weighted bags, chains, harnesses, bands made of rubber, bench pads, sit-up devices, pull-up bars, wall ball targets, leg rollers, muscle rollers, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbags, rowing machines, ergometers, stationary bicycles, air bikes, abdominal mats, abdominal wheels, exercise mats, yoga mats, exercise machine mats, hurdles, stability balls, reflex balls, exercise boards made of wood, exercise clubs made of metal, maces made of metal, bosu balls, balance balls, plyometric boxes, treadmills, gymnastics rings, parallettes, weighted vests, peg boards, electrical stimulation apparatus and devices for strengthening muscles, ankle weights, writs weights, weightlifting gloves, workout gloves, exercise gloves, massage sticks, stretch bands, straps affixed to doors for performance of various exercises using body weight resistance, training cones, kick pads for use in martial arts, arm guards, wrist guards, forearm guards, head guards, calf guards, shin and instep guards, rubber action balls; action skill games; bean bag dolls; plush toys; balloons; golf balls; tennis balls; bath toys; board games; toy building blocks; equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; playing cards; paper party hats; doll clothing; children's play cosmetics; crib toys; electric action toys; manipulative games; golf gloves; golf ball markers; kites; toy mobiles; music box toys; party favors in the nature of small toys; inflatable, waterproof toys to use for play and floating in pools and other water recreation areas; children's multiple activity toys; baby's multiple activity toys; wind-up toys; target games; disc-type toss toys; plastic toy bucket and shovel sets for use in sand and beaches; skateboards; toy scooters; face masks for mixed martial arts and boxing; hand-held electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; toy championship belts; toy mixed martial arts belts

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