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Paints, Coatings & Pigments

Automotive and vehicle products, supplies, tools and accessories, namely, abrasive discs for power-operated grinders or sanders for stripping rust and paint from automotive body and parts, air and electric tools, namely, impact guns, air chisels, air ratchets, hydraulic pumps, grinders, sanders, long board dual action sander, air brushes for etching, air compressors for airbrushing, electric welding machines, air line, filtration and booth filters, power operated blowers, automotive frame stretching machines, car lifts, power jacks, stands for hydraulic jacks, power operated polishers and grinders, respirators, sand blasting apparatus, namely, cabinet, pressure, siphon and spot blasters, commercial or shop vacuums and parts for shop vacuum cleaners, namely, nozzles and hoses; welding instruments; spray guns for paint and parts therefor, namely, paint cups, nozzle sets and valves; paint mixers and shakers; pressure washing machines


Albert Kemperle, Inc.

Business in North Amityville, NY

Owns 8 trademarks

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