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Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

Athletic pants; Athletic shirts; Athletic shorts; Baby bodysuits; Baby bottoms; Baby tops; Balaclavas; Bandanas; Bathing suits; Bathing trunks; Beach cover-ups; Beach coverups; Beanies; Bermuda shorts; Blouses; Bottoms as clothing; Boxer briefs; Button down shirts; Button-front aloha shirts; Camouflage gloves; Camouflage jackets; Camouflage pants; Camouflage shirts; Camouflage vests; Camp shirts; Children's and infant's apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments; Children's and infants' cloth bibs; Children's headwear; Coats for men and women; Fishing shirts; Fishing vests; Fleece bottoms; Fleece pullovers; Fleece shorts; Fleece tops; Fleece vests; Gloves; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweat shirts; Hooded sweatshirts; Hoods; Infant and toddler one piece clothing; Infant wear; Jogging outfits; Jogging suits; Lingerie; Long johns; Panties; Panties, shorts and briefs; Polo knit tops; Polo shirts; Skull caps; Snap crotch shirts for infants and toddlers; Socks; Sweat shirts; Tank-tops; Tank tops; Ties as clothing; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts; Board shorts; Bow ties; Boxer shorts; Capri pants; Fishermen's jackets; Hunting pants; Jogging pants; Nurse pants; Stretch pants; Sweat pants; Tankinis; Track pants


Wells, Annette M

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