Trademark Coverage

Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Battery-operated night lights; Bicycle lamps; Book lights; Candle lamps; Desk lamps; Electric flashlights; Electric night lights; Electric torches for lighting; Fish-luring lights; Flashlights; Fragrance dispensing unit which also features a night light; Lamps; Lamps for festive decoration; Lamps for tents; Lanterns for lighting; LED flashlights; LED lamps; LED luminaires; LED safety lamps; LED and HID light fixtures; Lighted party-themed decorations, electric light decorative strings; Lighting fixtures; Lighting fixtures for use in parking lots and walkways; Lights for vehicles; Outdoor portable lighting products, namely, headlamps; Reading lights; Solar powered lamps; Strip lighting for indoor use; Tactical flashlights; Tools, components and supplies for use in making signs, namely, fluorescent, HID, LED and incandescent bulbs, lamps and fixtures

  • Mar 23
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