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Chemical reagents for medical or veterinary purposes; Diagnostic preparations for veterinary purposes; Pharmaceutical preparations, namely, an ectoparasiticide for use in human and veterinary medicine; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of worms in pets; Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of dermatological, cardiovascular, hematological, bone, respiratory, central nervous system, endocrinological, circulatory, gastroenterological, hormonal and diabetic disorders, coughs, colds, influenza, headaches, stomach and digestive disorders, muscular and/or rheumatic disorders, anti-inflammatory agents, immune system disorders and related diseases, allergic reactions, metabolic disorders, anti-infective, ocular disorders, and for use in oncology; Reagent paper for medical purposes; Fumigants for agricultural purposes; Fungicides for agricultural purposes; Rodenticides for agricultural purposes; Insecticides for agricultural purposes; Herbicides; Weedkillers; Insect repellents for agricultural use; Antiseptics for agricultural use; Synthetic materials for dental use for fillings; Dental impression materials; Dental composite materials; Mothproofing paper; Dietary supplements for humans


Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Business in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JP

Owns 96 trademarks

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