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Machines and Machine Tools, Parts

Adhesive tape dispensing machines; Automatic stamping machines; Casting machines; Compression moulding machines; Cutting machines; Die-stamping machines; Embossing machines; Filling machines; Hydraulic presses for metalworking; Industrial machine presses; Injection plastic molding machines; Machines for processing plastics; Material handling machines, namely, palletizers, case elevators, automatic pallet dispensing machines and automatic slip sheet dispensing machines; Mechanical winders and machines for forming coils with pipes made of plastic materials; Molding and die-casting tools, namely, specific tools, steel pins and molding presses being machine parts for dies and molds; Planing machines; Plastic jet moulding machines; Power-operated cleaning machines, namely, lances designed to mechanically remove scale and sludge from secondary side tubesheets in steam generators in nuclear power plants; Rubber manufacturing machines; Sealing machines for industrial purposes; Bottling machines; Machine parts, namely, molds for use in the manufacture of nature of goods; Machines and machine tools for the cutting and forming of materials



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