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Virtual money brokerage; Exchanging virtual money; Supervision of payment operations and of computer payment systems; Trading of domestic market securities futures; International fund investment; Financial and monetary transactions; Arranging financial transactions; Execution of financial transactions; Financial trading; Financial trading counter services; Processing of financial transactions; Financing services; Financial wealth management services; Financial asset management; Financial brokerage; Provision of information in the field of financing via wireless communications; Conducting cashless payment transactions; Money transfer; Money brokerage; Person-to-person financial services via electronic communications network; Electronic financial trading services; Investment by electronic means; Financial services provided by electronic means; Brokerage services relating to exchange of electric money, namely, bitcoins; Electronic money transactions; Electronic money managements; Issuance of electronic money; Computerized financial services; Issue and redemption of tokens of value; Redemption of tokens of value; Electronic transfer of funds by means of telecommunications networks; Currency transfer services; Virtual money transfer services; Electronic transfers of money; Electronic transfers of virtual money; Exchanging money; Credit inquiries services relating to finance; Financial credit scoring services; Evaluation of the creditworthiness of companies and private individuals; Credit inquiries of enterprises; Providing information relating to credit inquiries of enterprises; Credit rating services; Credit reporting services; Credit reporting agency; Credit inquiries; Credit scoring services


Coinplug Inc.

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