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Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Customized imprinting of company names and logos on the goods of others, namely, on promotional merchandise, apparel and corporate gifts; 3D printing; Stationery printing services; Portrait printing; Lithographic printing; Printing; Design printing for others; Customized printing of company names and logos for promotional and advertising purposes on the goods of others; Imprinting messages on wearing apparel and mugs; Custom imprinting of personalized wall art with decorative designs; Printing of patterns on textiles; Custom imprinting of personalized wall art with messages; Imprinting of decorative designs on T-shirts; Imprinting messages on T-shirts; 3D printing of personalized wall art; Water transfer printing; Digital printing; Printing services; Photographic enlarging; Photograph developing; Printing of books; Photogravure printing; Photographic processing; Digital on-demand printing services of books and other documents; Photocomposing services; Photographic retouching; Photographic restoration; Photographic printing; Printing of advertising brochures for others; Fine art printing services; Photo restoration services; Digital photo printing services; Inkjet printing services; Printing of photographic images from digital media


Yu-seng Tsai

Business in Hsinchu City, TW

Owns 3 trademarks

  • Feb 10
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