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Machines and Machine Tools, Parts

(first use and first use in commerce 1/1/1998) Coil winders; winding machines; (first use 1/1/1998 and first use in commerce 12/10/2002) Automatic assembly lines, including or not coil winders, for assembling components and for generally manufacturing goods to the specific needs of a customer, comprised of pick-up arms and grips, positioners, joiners, fastening robots, sorters, holders, assemblers, loaders and unloaders, palletizers, welders, tapers; automation specialty machines for assembling components, namely, machines for tinning, autogenous soldering, electric machines for welding enameled magnetic wire on the terminals, machines for taping coils, machines for inserting terminals, machines for joining components, machines for inserting one component into another, machines for fastening one component to another, machines for holding two components in a given position; conveyors and parts therefor sold as a unit; rotating tables for machine tools; wire stripping devices; wire tensioners


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