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Hand Tools and implements, Cutlery

Dies for use with hand operated tools; Gimlets; Hand-operated tools for use in installing and removing toggle bolts; Hand-operated tools, namely, chisels; Hand tools, namely, awls; Hand tools, namely, clamps; Hand tools, namely, crimping irons; Hand tools, namely, saws; Hand tools, namely, planers, drills, shovels; Manually operated hand tools, namely, screwdrivers, shovels, wrenches, hammers; Manually operated shop tools for work on motorcycles, namely, chain breaker tool, chain riveting tool, chain press tool, chain alignment tool, carburetor tuning tool, carburetor tuning gauge set, tire irons, tappet adjustment tools, valve shim tools, tappet feeler gauge, carburetor jet wrenches, clutch holding tool, piston pin removing tool, spring removing tool, timing cover wrench, oil filter wrench, shock absorber wrench, axle wrench, fly wheel puller tool, clutch puller tool and magneto flywheel puller tool; Multi-function hand tools comprised of screwdrivers, knives, can openers, file, pliers; Nippers; Scissors; Socket spanner


Chen, Xin

Business in Wuhan, Hubei, CN

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  • Mar 20
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