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Construction Materials (non metallic)

Manufactured timber; manufactured homes; manufactured housing, namely panelized homes; Rock materials used in building flooring, roofing, countertops, walls, cladding and fireplaces; Nonstructural building materials, namely, granite used in decorative surface applications for countertops and vanity tops; Building materials, namely, non-metal countertops for further installation; door fittings not of metal; door frames not of metal; door casings not of metal; door panels not of metal; hardwood flooring; laminate flooring; facing and lining; synthetic flooring materials or wall-claddings; lumber; engineered wood for construction; non-metal trusses; Casement windows, not of metal; Non-metal exterior window shades; Non-metal sash fasteners for windows; Non-metal window casements; Non-metal window frames; Non-metal window jambs, sashes, screens, shutters and sills; Non-metal windows and doors; non-metal roof gutters; Non-metal roof coverings; drywall; nonmetal exterior boards; nonmetal exterior panels; bricks; building stone; millwork exclusive of cabinets; non-metal covers for HVAC ducts


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