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Dairy, Meat, Fish, Processed & Preserved Foods

Soup concentrates; Soup cubes; Soup mixes; Soup pastes; Soups; Soups and preparations for making soups; Spicy peanuts; Spicy pickles; Broth; Cheese containing spices; Combination meal consisting primarily of a meat or vegetable-based entree and a soup or salad for consumption on or off the premises; Drinkable soups; Extracts for soups; Fig and date roll consisting of dried fruits, nuts, and spices; Haggis; Instant or pre-cooked soup; Instant or pre-cooked miso soup; Matzo ball soup; Mixes for making soup; Pre-cooked soup; Preparations for making soup; Preparations for making soups; Prepared entrees consisting primarily of vegetables, soups, fruit salads and vegetable salads; Vegetable soup preparations

  • Feb 10
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