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Scientific and Technological Services, Research and Design

Strategic business consulting made by students for companies in various industries; student-run business consulting for companies in various industries; university student consulting, world-wide student network collaborating virtually in business consulting projects; global student business consulting, international university network consulting; academic business consulting; engaged and experiential consulting learning program for member universities around the world; professional consulting training program for university students; international network of student consultants conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate and recommend regarding businesses management decisions across the public and private sectors; international students conducting research and analysis, and preparing presentations and final deliverables to recommend professional businesses about strategy, operations and business models; university students conducting market research, competitor benchmarking, industry research and interviews to test hypotheses and make conclusions for clients; students creating marketing strategy, business models, human resources model, products and services development, and financial forecasts and valuations for businesses in various industries; interdisciplinary and international students solving companies' business related problems using certain strategic consulting methodologies, frameworks, techniques, and concepts; university students consulting start-ups, mid-sized or non-profit organizations in renewing and developing business models as well as new product and service lines

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