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Cleaning Products, Bleaching & Abrasives, Cosmetics

Soaps; liquid soaps; non-medicated hand washing preparations; bath and shower preparations, namely, bath foam and shower gels; perfumery, essential oils; cosmetics; colognes, eau de toilette; aftershave; perfume body sprays; deodorants for personal use; anti-perspirants; shaving foam, shaving gel, pre-shaving and after-shaving lotions; talcum powder; pre-shave and aftershave preparations; cosmetic oils, creams and lotions for the skin; aromatherapy preparations, namely, essential oils and non-medicated skin creams with essential oils for use in aromatherapy; massage preparations, namely, massage oils, massage creams, massage lotions, massage gels other than for medical purposes, massage waxes; non-medicated skin care preparations; depilatory preparations; sun-tanning and cosmetic sun protection preparations; make-up and make-up removing preparations; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; non-medicated lip care preparations; cotton wool, cotton sticks for cosmetics purposes; cosmetics pads; wipes impregnated with cosmetic lotions; pre-moistened cosmetic cleansing pads, cosmetic tissues and cosmetic wipes; cosmetic cleansing pads, tissues or wipes impregnated with non-medicated preparations for cleansing the skin and removing makeup; beauty masks, facial packs, namely, facial masks; non-medicated preparations for the care of hair and scalp; shampoos and hair conditioners; hair colorants; hair dyes; hair lotions; hair waving preparations; hair sprays; hair powder; hair dressings; hair lacquers; hair mousses; hair glazes; hair gels; hair moisturisers; hair liquid, in the nature of hair styling preparations; non-medicated hair preservation treatments; non-medicated hair desiccating treatments, in the nature of hair tonic and hair creams for use in removing excess oil from the hair; hair oils; hair tonic; hair creams; dentifrices; non-medicated mouthwashes; cosmetic preparations for the care of the mouth and the teeth; tooth powder; toothpaste; non-medicated toilet preparations, namely, non-medicated toiletries


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