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Cleaning Products, Bleaching & Abrasives, Cosmetics

3-in-1 hair conditioners; 3-in-1 hair shampoos; After sun creams; After sun moisturisers; After-shave creams; After-sun gels; After-sun lotions; After-sun milks; After-sun oils; Aftershave moisturising cream; Age spot reducing creams; Anti-aging cream; Anti-aging cream containing a retinoic ingredient not for medical purposes; Anti-aging creams; Anti-aging moisturizer; Anti-aging toner; Anti-freckle creams; Anti-wrinkle cream; Anti-wrinkle creams; Aromatic body care products, namely, body lotion, shower gel, cuticle cream, shampoo, conditioner, non-medicated lip balm, soap, body polish, body and foot scrub and non-medicated foot cream; Bath cream; Beauty balm creams; Beauty creams; Beauty creams for body care; Body cream; Body cream soap; Body creams; Body mask cream; Chalk for make-up; Cheek rouges; Cleansing creams; Colognes, perfumes and cosmetics; Compacts containing make-up; Cosmetic creams; Cosmetic creams for skin care; Cosmetic hair dressing preparations; Cosmetic hair filling powders for covering bald and thinning spots on the scalp; Cosmetic hair regrowth inhibiting preparations; Cosmetic hand creams; Cosmetic massage creams; Cosmetic nourishing creams; Cosmetic olive oil for the face and body; Cosmetic preparations for protecting the skin from the sun's rays; Cosmetic preparations for skin care; Cosmetic preparations for skin renewal; Cosmetic preparations for the hair and scalp; Cosmetic preparations, namely, firming creams; Cosmetic preparations, namely, skin balsams; Cosmetic products in the form of aerosols for skin care; Cosmetic products taken orally, namely, pills that induce bronzing of the skin; Cosmetic rouges; Cosmetic skin fresheners; Cosmetic sun milk lotions; Cosmetic sun oils; Cosmetic sun-protecting preparations; Cosmetic sun-tanning preparations; Cosmetic white face powder; Cosmetics and make-up; Cosmetics in general, including perfumes; Cosmetics, namely, compacts; Cosmetics, namely, lip primer; Cosmetics, namely, lip repairers; Cream soaps; Creams for cellulite reduction; Creamy face powder; Creamy foundation; Creamy rouges; Decorative transfers and skin jewels for cosmetic purposes; Dry shampoos; Eau de cologne; Eau de parfum; Eau de perfume; Eau de toilette; Eau de toilette and eau de cologne; Eau-de-cologne; Eau-de-toilette; Eaux de cologne; Eaux de toilette; Eye cream; Eye make-up; Eye make-up remover; Eye pencils; Eye shadow; Eye shadows; Eye-shadow; Eyes make-up; Face and body beauty creams; Face and body creams; Face and body glitter; Face and body lotions; Face and body milk; Face creams; Face creams and cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide for cosmetic purposes; Face creams for cosmetic use; Face glitter; Face milk and lotions; Face oils; Face powder; Face powder paste; Facial creams; Facial make-up; Fair complexion cream; Fake blood; Foundation; Foundation make-up; Foundations; Hair balsam; Hair bleach; Hair bleaches; Hair butter; Hair care creams; Hair care lotions; Hair care preparations; Hair care preparations consisting of organic coconut virgin oil and coconut virgin oil; Hair care products, namely, heat protection sprays; Hair cleaning preparations; Hair color; Hair color removers; Hair colorants; Hair coloring preparations; Hair colourants; Hair colouring; Hair colouring and dyes; Hair colouring preparations; Hair conditioner; Hair conditioners; Hair conditioners for babies; Hair creams; Hair curling preparations; Hair decolorants; Hair dressings for women; Hair dye; Hair dyes; Hair emollients; Hair fixers; Hair frosts; Hair gel; Hair gel and hair mousse; Hair gels; Hair glaze; Hair lacquers; Hair lotion; Hair lotions; Hair mascara; Hair mousse; Hair mousses; Hair nourishers; Hair oils; Hair removing cream; Hair shampoo; Hair shampoos and conditioners; Hair sheen spray; Hair spray; Hair sprays and hair gels; Hair straightening preparations; Hair styling fixative in the nature of hair wax; Hair styling gel; Hair styling preparations; Hair styling spray; Hair texturizers; Hair tonic; Hair tonics; Hair waving lotion; Hair waving preparations; Hair wax; Hair-washing powder; Hand cream; Hand creams; Heat protectant sprays for hair; Hydrogen peroxide for use on the hair; Indoor sun tanning preparations; Lip balm; Lip cream; Lip gloss; Lip gloss and wands therefor sold as a unit; Lip gloss palette; Lip liner; Lip neutralizers; Lip stains; Lipstick; Lipsticks; Liquid foundation (mizu-oshiroi); Liquid perfumes; Liquid soaps for hands and face; Make up removing preparations; Make-up; Make-up for the face and body; Make-up foundation; Make-up foundations; Make-up pencils; Make-up powder; Make-up preparations; Make-up preparations for the face and body; Make-up primer; Make-up remover; Make-up removing lotions; Make-up removing milk, gel, lotions and creams; Make-up removing milks; Make-up removing preparations; Make-up sets; Mascara; Mascaras; Massage creams; Moisturizing creams; Moisturizing preparations for the skin; Moisturizing solutions for the skin; Nail cream; Nail glitter; Nail grooming products, namely, tips, glue, lacquer and glitter; Nail hardeners; Nail paint; Nail polish; Nail polish base coat; Nail polish pens; Nail polish protector in the nature of a thin plastic covering applied to nails; Nail polish remover; Nail polish remover pens; Nail polish removers; Nail polish top coat; Nail polishing powder; Nail primer; Nail repair products, namely, linen nail wraps; Nail repair products, namely, nail wraps; Nail repair products, namely, silk nail wraps; Nail strengtheners; Nail tips; Nail varnish; Nail varnish for cosmetic purposes; Nail varnishes; Nail-polish removers; Natural cocoa butter based personal care products, namely, body lotion, shower gel, soap, body polish, body and foot scrub and non-medicated skin creams; Natural mineral make-up; Night cream; Non-medicated foot cream; Non-medicated preparations all for the care of skin, hair and scalp; Non-medicated skin care creams and lotions; Non-medicated skin care preparation, namely, body mist; Non-medicated skin care preparations; Non-medicated skin care preparations, namely, creams, lotions, gels, toners, cleaners and peels; Non-medicated skin cream for general skin rash and irritation resulting from skin shingles; Non-medicated skin creams; Non-medicated skin creams with essential oils for use in aromatherapy; Non-medicated skin toners; Non-medicated stimulating lotions for the skin; Oils for perfumes and scents; Patches containing sun screen and sun block for use on the skin; Perfume; Perfume oils; Perfume oils for the manufacture of cosmetic preparations; Perfumed creams; Perfumed extracts for tissues and perfumes; Perfumed paste; Perfumed powder; Perfumed powders; Perfumed soap; Perfumed soaps; Perfumed talcum powder; Perfumes, eau de colognes and aftershaves; Perfumes, eaux de cologne and aftershaves; Powder for make-up; Pre-shave creams; Preservative creams for leather; Retinol cream for cosmetic purposes; Rouge; Rouges; Scented body lotions and creams; Seawater-based skin care preparations for skin renewal; Shampoo-conditioners; Shampoos; Shave creams; Shaving cream; Shaving creams; Shower creams; Skin abrasive preparations; Skin and body topical lotions, creams and oils for cosmetic use; Skin bronzer; Skin bronzing creams; Skin care preparation, namely, body polish; Skin care preparations, namely, body balm; Skin care preparations, namely, chemical peels for skin; Skin care preparations, namely, fruit acid peels for skin; Skin care preparations, namely, skin peels; Skin care products, namely, non-medicated skin serum; Skin clarifiers; Skin cleanser in liquid spray form for use as a baby wipe alternative; Skin cleansers; Skin cleansing cream; Skin cleansing lotion; Skin conditioners; Skin conditioning creams for cosmetic purposes; Skin cream; Skin creams; Skin creams in liquid and in solid form; Skin creams in liquid and solid; Skin creams in liquid and solid form; Skin emollients; Skin fresheners; Skin gels for accelerating, enhancing or extending tans; Skin lotion; Skin lotions; Skin masks; Skin moisturizer; Skin moisturizer masks; Skin moisturizing gel; Skin polishing rice bran (arai-nuka); Skin soap; Skin softeners; Skin texturizers; Skin toners; Skin whitening creams; Skin whitening preparations; Solid powder for compacts; SPF sun block sprays; SPF sun block towelettes; Styling clay for hair; Styling foam for hair; Styling paste for hair; Sun block; Sun block preparations; Sun care lotions; Sun creams; Sun screen; Sun screen preparations; Sun tan gel; Sun tan lotion; Sun tan oil; Sun-block lotions; Sun-tanning oils; Sun-tanning oils and lotions; Sun-tanning preparations; Sunscreen cream; Sunscreen creams; Suntan creams; Tanning and after-sun milks, gels and oils; Tanning creams; Theatrical make-up; Toilet soap; Toilet soaps; Toilet water containing snake oil; Toilet waters; Toning lotion, for the face, body and hands; Tooth whitening creams; Topical skin sprays for cosmetic purposes; Waving preparations for the hair; Wax for removing body hair; Wax strips for removing body hair; Wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; Wrinkle removing skin care preparations; Wrinkle resistant cream



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