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Beer, Ales, Soft Drinks, Carbonated Waters

Fruit juice; Fruit nectars; Non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages with tea flavor; Non-alcoholic fruit extracts used in the preparation of beverages; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic water-based beverages; Preparations for making beverages, namely, fruit drinks; Vegetable drinks; Vegetable juices; Vegetable-fruit juices; Water beverages; Concentrates, syrups or powders for making soft drinks or tea-flavored beverages; Soft drinks flavored with tea

  • Mar 01
    New Application Entered In TRAM