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Arch supports for boots or shoes; back supports for medical purposes; bandages, namely, elastic bandages, compression bandages, and support bandages; blood glucose meters; braces for limbs and joints for medical use; canes for medical purposes; cervical collars; cervical pillows for medical use; chemically activated hot and/or cold compresses; compression bandages; crutches and tips therefor; disposable thermometer probe covers; droppers for administering medications, sold empty; ear plugs for soundproofing; ear syringes; elastic bandages; electric massage appliances, namely, electric vibrating massager; enema apparatus; external nasal dilators; eye droppers; finger splints; gloves for medical purposes; health monitoring devices, namely, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pedometers; heart rate monitors for sports activities; heating pads for medical purposes; hemostatic plugs for nosebleeds; humidifiers for medical use; ice bags for medical use; interdental cleaning and gum-stimulating picks; lancets; medical devices, namely, pulse oximeters; medical gloves; medical scissors; medical syringes; medical compression stockings and tights; medical apparatus, namely, an ear wash device in the nature of a container to be filled with appropriate fluid by the user for flushing ear wax from the ear; medical scissors; mouth guards for medical purposes; nasal aspirators; neti pots; orthopedic support bandages; orthotic inserts for footwear; pill and tablet cutters and crushers; pill splitters for dispensing unit doses of medicine; sanitary masks for medical purposes; silicone gel sheeting for the treatment of scars; socks for diabetics; splints for medical purposes; spoons for administering medicine; stethoscopes; support hosiery; therapeutic hot and cold therapy packs; thermometers for medical purposes; toilets adapted for medical patients or for use by disabled persons; urinals for medical purposes; vaporizers for medical purposes


Walgreen Co.

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