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Hand Tools and implements, Cutlery

Air pumps, hand-operated; Beard clippers; Cheese slicers, non-electric; Crimping irons; Curling tongs; Cuticle nippers; Cutlery, namely, forks, spoons, and knives; Ear piercing apparatus; Egg slicers, non-electric; Electric hair curling irons; Electric manicure sets; Eyelash curlers; Fire irons; Flat irons; Gardening tools, namely, trowels, weeding forks, spades and hoes; Gimlets; Glazing irons; Guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; Hair-removing tweezers; Hair clippers for personal use, electric and non-electric; Hair clippers for children, animals and dogs; Hand-operated cutting tools; Hand-operated hack saws; Hand-operated press machines for paper making, book binding, embossing and relief and intaglio printing; Hand-operated sprayers for insecticide; Hand-operated vegetable shredders; Hand jacks; Hand tools, namely, drills; Hand tools, namely, fruit pickers; Hand tools, namely, graving tools; Hand tools, namely, screwdrivers; Handles for hand-operated hand tools; Manicure sets; Manually operated tree pruners; Mattocks; Meat tenderizer, namely, a kitchen mallet; Microblading apparatus; Nail clippers, electric or non-electric; Nail files; Nail files, electric; Needle work scissors; Nippers; Non-electric fingernail polishers; Non-electric flat irons; Pedicure sets; Penknives; Pliers; Pruning scissors; Scissors; Sharpening stones; Shovels; Spanners; Spoons; Tattoo machines; Tweezers; Wire strippers

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