Trademark Coverage

Spices, Bakery Goods, Ice, Confectionery

Coffee; Coffee and coffee substitutes; Coffee and artificial coffee; Coffee and tea; Coffee based beverages; Coffee beans; Coffee beverages with milk; Coffee extracts; Coffee flavored syrup used in making food beverages; Coffee pods; Coffee-based beverage containing milk; Coffee-based beverages containing ice cream (affogato); Coffee-based iced beverages; Coffee-based snack foods; Almond cake; Artificial coffee and tea; Bagel chips; Bagels; Baguettes; Bakery desserts; Bakery goods; Bakery goods and dessert items, namely, cakes, cookies, pastries, candies, and frozen confections for retail and wholesale distribution and consumption on or off the premises; Bakery products; Barbecue sauce; Biscuits; Bread and pastry; Brittle; Caffeine-free coffee; Cakes; Candies; Cereal-based snack foods; Cheesecakes; Chocolate and chocolates; Chocolate-based beverages; Chocolate-coated nuts; Cocoa beverages with milk; Cookies and crackers; Corn-based snack foods; Cracker and cheese combinations; Croissants; Croutons; Cup cakes; Donuts; Dressings for salad; Dried herbs; Dulce de leche; Edible spices; Espresso; Extruded corn snacks; Flavorings for beverages, other than essential oils; Frozen confections; Frozen yogurt; Frozen yogurt confections; Fruit breads; Fruit cakes; Garlic bread; Grain-based food beverages; Grain-based snack foods; Granola snacks; Granola-based snack bars; Green coffee; Green tea; Ground coffee beans; Herbal honey; Honey; Honey substitutes; Hot sauce; Ice cream; Iced coffee; Iced tea; Instant coffee; Macaroons; Maple syrup; Marshmallows; Marzipan; Milk chocolate; Mixes for making tea; Muffins; Multigrain bread; Multigrain-based snack foods; Mustard; Nachos; Natural brown sugar; Natural spices; Non-dairy frozen confections; Non-medicated lozenges; Oatmeal; Organic date syrup; Pasta salad; Pastries; Peppermint bark; Peppermint candy; Pico de Gallo sauce; Pie crusts; Pie shells; Pies; Pretzels; Processed cereals; Rice-based snack foods; Roasted coffee beans; Salad dressings; Salad sauces; Salsa sauces; Sandwich wraps; Sandwiches; Sauces; Seasonings; Snack cakes; Sugar; Sweets; Taco chips; Toaster pastries; Unroasted coffee; Wafer biscuits; Wheat-based snack foods; Yogurt-covered fruit; Yogurt-covered nuts

  • May 30
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