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Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Air humidifying apparatus; Air purifying apparatus and machines; Bath tubs; Disinfectant apparatus for medical purposes; Drying apparatus for use in heating, ventilation systems, air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems; Electric appliances for making yogurt; Electric food steamers; Electrical boilers; Electrical induction heating apparatus for heating metal workpieces; Heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; Heating boilers; Hot water heaters; Hydrants; Kettles, electric; Lamps; Radiators, electric; Refrigerating appliances and installations; Sanitary installations in the nature of steam rooms; Towel steamers; Water heaters; Electric towel warmers; Electric heaters for babies' bottles; Electrically heated towel racks; Faucets for pipes and pipelines being parts of sanitary installations; Friction lighters for igniting Bunsen burners; Friction lighters for igniting gas; Hand wash basins being parts of sanitary installations; Ignition systems comprised of a gas supply tube with a nozzle and an electrical igniter to create a flame at the nozzle for industrial applications, namely, for igniting waste gases being discharged from industrial stacks and for igniting gas-fired boilers; Utility lighters for lighting grills, fireplaces and candles

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