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Cleaning Products, Bleaching & Abrasives, Cosmetics

After-shave balms; After-shave creams; After-shave gel; After-shave lotions; After-sun lotions; After-sun oils; After sun creams; Antiperspirant soap; Antiperspirants; Bar soap; Body wash; Bubble bath; Deodorant soap; Deodorant for personal use; Facial lotion; Hair conditioner; Hand lotions; Lotions for cosmetic purposes; Pre-shave creams; Pre-shave gels; Pre-shaving preparations; Shampoos; Shaving cream; Shaving gel; Shaving lotion; Shower and bath gel; Sun block; Sun screen; Sun tan gel; Sun tan lotion; Sun tan oil; Tooth gel; Toothpastes; Wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; Natural soap bars; Non-medicated bath soaps in liquid, solid or gel form; Non-medicated hand soaps; Non-medicated liquid soap


Wayzata Brands, LLC

Business in Memphis, TN

Owns 6 trademarks

  • Mar 17
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