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Online publishing of scholarly and educational journals, monographs, datasets, newsletters, magazine, newspapers, conference proceedings, conference materials, event list, thesis, special issues, books, dictionaries, brochures, pamphlets, manuals, protocols, handbooks, reference materials, learning modules, training materials, maps, atlases, charts, presentations, drawings, paintings, images, graphics, photographs, animations, films, audio, video, podcast, blogs, and similar works related to various aspects of medical diseases and healthcare, namely, basic research, applied research, medical conditions, epidemics, prevalence, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, therapy, drug development, clinical research, disease management, rehabilitation, healthcare, regulations, laws, economics, prevention, and healthy living; Online publishing of fiction and non-fiction books and magazines; Providing online library services; Providing online educational services, and resources, namely, online distance learning coursework, professional training courses, textbooks, therapy training, rehabilitation training, healthy living, and career resources in different formats, namely, text, images, graphics, presentations, animations, films, video, audio, podcast, and other formats; Production and distribution of educational and entertainment films, audio and video; Organizing and conducting educational conferences, workshops, symposia, exhibitions, tradeshows, competitions, webinars, motivational talks, and meetings to discuss research and development in different medical diseases and healthcare; Organization of educational and entertainment tours, exhibition, fairs, concerts, activities, sports, and other cultural and social events; Entertainment services, namely, provision of computer games, social networking, animations, cartoons, graphics, puzzles, jokes, stories, drawings, sketches, event information online on computers, mobile phones, and other electronic media; Providing social services and public awareness services in field of medical conditions and diseases; Online software for educational purpose, namely, disease management software, therapy and rehabilitation software, database search software, file sharing software, communication software to electronically exchange data and messages via global communication networks, audio software, video software, personal information management software, health management software, social and professional networking software, event planning software, human resource management software, e-commerce software, laboratory management software, project management software, resource planning software, resource management software, and supply chain management software and software to connect patients, physicians, scientists, families, advocacy groups and other interested parties through global communication network on computer and mobile devices; Online files of guidelines, forms, protocols, and procedures involved in scholarly publishing, educational publishing, book publishing, coursework design, curriculum design, teaching, research, event organization, laboratory management, and healthcare management


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