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Paper, Items made of Paper, Stationary items

Anti-static disk mailers; adhesive-backed envelopes; adhesive-backed paper tabs; dispensers for paper and mailing labels; dispensers for drops of glue; cardboard boxes or cartons; cardboard packaging; cardboard placards; plastic bags for packaging; moisture barrier bags for packaging and shipping made primarily of plastic; corrugated boxes; ribbon dispensers; adhesive tape dispensers; printed forms; craft paper; envelopes; plastic adhesive envelopes; polyolefin envelopes; fiberboard boxes; craft bubble mailer; plastic stretch wrap; School supply kits containing various combinations of selected school supplies; namely; pencils; pens; paper and stationery boxes; Writing implements and accessories; namely; writing instruments; pens; pencils; mechanical pencils; erasers; markers; crayons; highlighter pens; pencil sharpeners; writing grips; Color pencils; Ball-point pens; Ballpoint pens; Pen ink refills; Balls for ball-point pens; pencils and ink; Pen and pencil cases and boxes; Pencil or pen boxes; Bubble pens; Highlighting markers; Pencil leads; and Stationery boxes; Glue pens for stationery purposes; paper; Writing pads; Writing paper Drawing pads; Drawing paper; Japanese paper; Notebooks; Autograph books; Spiral-bound notebooks; Blank paper notebooks; Paper notebooks; Event albums; and Copybooks; Office stationery; folders; paper clips; Coin holders; Document file trays; Driver's license holders; Calendar desk pads; Desk file trays; Desk pads; printed publications; namely; Cloth children's books; Comic books; Comic magazines; Children's books and Christmas tree ornaments sold as a unit; Graphic novels; book marks; Art; namely; Color prints; Framed art pictures; Framed art prints; Framed graphic art reproductions; Framed paintings; Graphic fine art prints; Graphic prints; Graphic art reproductions; Graphic art prints; Pictures; Watercolor pictures; Paintings; and Cartoon prints; Artist's supplies; namely; Engraving plates; Drafting rulers; Desk stands and holders for pens; Canvas stretcher bars for artists and Protractors as drawing instruments; Packaging; namely; blister cards; Merchandise bags; paper cutters; paper hang tags; paper and cardboard boxes; Paper pouches for packaging; Plastic packaging wrap for commercial or industrial use; cardboard boxes containing foam lining; thermal transfer ribbons for making labels; paper towels; dispensers for gift wrap; hand-operated apparatus for dispensing stretch wrap; document laminators for office use; labels for printing on a computer; Paper lunch bags; General purpose plastic bags; staplers; staple removers; cardboard mailing tubes; paper cartons; paper bags; Plastic or paper bags for household use; padded paper envelopes for mailing or packaging; printed inventory tags; plastic bubble mailer; Paper bags for packaging; and Plastic films used as packaging for food; Printed recipes sold as a component of food packaging; paper shopping bags; paper labels; paper cartons and containers; paint cans and clips therefor; plastic shopping bags; packing list envelopes; plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging; cardboard boxes with plastic and foam lining; vinyl covers and pouches to protect hang tags and documents; Industrial packaging containers of paper; tissue paper


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