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Business, economic and market consulting services, namely, providing expert analysis and study, management consulting, conducting consumer tracking behavior research and consumer trend analysis and providing information and analysis in the fields of business economics for retail and service facilities through/via the receipt of client files, creation of marketing central information file by householding the customer file and constructing a data warehouse on the customer base by appending geographic and demographic data, the delineation of specific primary service area for each operating location by analyzing geographic draw, conducting a statistical scan of household and business population within each defined market or primary service area, comparing each location's customer base statistics to the market statistics to uncover target segment concentrations and gaps, as well as identifies opportunities and priorities, modeling purchase demand for products/services, the evaluation of existing competition to calculate each location's expected natural (fair) share, the calculation of penetration by product/service and the identification of the incremental opportunity, defining location specific, segment specific and product/service specific growth opportunities, analyzing household/business penetration, customer share of wallet, retention and attrition, identifying customer segments for retention and development, aligning marketing resources with incremental opportunity, valuing the expected return


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