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Insurance, Financial

Issuance of crypto tokens and cryptocurrency; Financial information in the field of crypto tokens and cryptocurrency; Currency trading in the nature of buying and selling cryptocurrency; Financial services in the fields of cryptocurrency; Facilitation of cryptocurrency transactions; Digital currency wallet and storage services, namely, financial services in the nature of providing online stored value accounts in an electronic environment; Payment processing services in the fields of financial transactions and an electronic clearing and settlement network using blockchain technology for purposes of exchanging, trading, updating, clearing, settlement, netting, compression, custody, investment and processing of cryptocurrency; Software for generating, trading, sending, receiving, storing and safeguarding crypto tokens and cryptocurrency; Software for managing the exchange of crypto tokens and cryptocurrency; Software featuring e-commerce software to allow users to perform electronic business transactions via a global computer network using cryptocurrency; Software for processing cryptocurrency; Software for processing electronic payments and transferring funds to and from others though the exchange of cryptocurrency; Software for managing cryptocurrency; Design, development, and implementation of software for blockchains; Design, development, and implementation of software for cryptocurrency wallets; Software for facilitating cryptocurrency transactions; Software for facilitating accepting, effecting, enabling, processing, operating and managing virtual financial services including digital wallets and enabling exchanges for fiat currency or cryptocurrency; Software for facilitating access to an online platform for virtual, digital, and cryptocurrencies and application tokens; Software development and maintenance of software for cryptocurrency mining and blockchain purposes; Customizing computer software by developing custom blockchain technology and applications; Product design and development in the field of cryptocurrency technology; Providing a website featuring technology for storing and transferring cryptocurrency; Software for supply chain management, inventory management, and for tracking consumer market data; Data mining; Software for marketing management


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