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Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs

Wine; Wine coolers being drinks; Wine-based aperitifs; Wine-based beverage, namely, piquette; Wine-based drinks; Wines; Wines and fortified wines; Wines and liqueurs; Wines and sparkling wines; Acanthopanax wine (Ogapiju); Aperitif wines; Aperitifs with a wine base; Black raspberry wine (Bokbunjaju); Cooking wine; Dessert wines; Fortified wines; Grape wine; Kits for making wine; Korean traditional rice wine (makgeoli); Mulled wine; Port wines; Prepared wine cocktails; Red wine; Red wines; Rose wine; Rose wines; Sparkling wines; Sparkling fruit wine; Sparkling grape wine; Sparkling red wines; Sparkling white wines; Still wine; Still wines; Strawberry wine; Sweet wines; Table wines; Tonic sweet grape wine containing extracts from ginseng and conchona bark (ninjin-kinatetsu wine); White wine; White wines; Yellow rice wine


Savorian, Inc

Business in Brooklyn, NY

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