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Clothing, Footwear and Headgear

A-shirts; Ascots; Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms; Bandanas; Baseball caps and hats; Beanies; Belts; Belts for clothing; Belts made of leather; Belts made out of cloth; Berets; Blazers; Blouses; Bow ties; Boxer briefs; Bras; Briefs; Briefs; Bucket caps; Camisoles; Cap visors; Capri pants; Caps; Cardigans; Cargo pants; Children's and infant's apparel, namely, jumpers, overall sleepwear, pajamas, rompers and one-piece garments; Children's headwear; Cloaks; Clothing, namely, crops; Clothing, namely, khakis; Coats for men and women; Coats made of cotton; Coats of denim; Collared shirts; Crew neck sweaters; Crew necks; Crop pants; Crop tops; Cummerbunds; Custom made to measure suits for men and women; Denim jackets; Denims; Do rags; Dress pants; Dress shirts; Dress suits; Dresses; Dungarees; Ear muffs; Ear warmers; Eyeshades; Fabric belts; Fleece bottoms; Fleece pullovers; Fleece shorts; Fleece tops; Fleece vests; Flip flops; Footies; Gauchos; Golf caps; Golf shirts; Golf shorts; Halter tops; Hats; Hats for infants, babies, toddlers and children; Head scarves; Head sweatbands; Heavy coats; Heavy jackets; Hooded pullovers; Hooded sweat shirts; Hooded sweatshirts; Jackets; Jeans; Jerseys; Jogging suits; Jumpers; Knit bottoms; Knit dresses; Knit jackets; Knit shirts; Knit skirts; Knit tops; Knitted caps; Leather belts; Leather hats; Leather headwear; Leggings; Long johns; Long underwear; Men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers, vests; Men's dress socks; Men's socks; Men's suits; Men's suits, women's suits; Men's underwear; Miniskirts; Mittens; Mock turtle-neck sweaters; Mocknecks; Money belts; Neckties; Neckwear; Open-necked shirts; Pajamas; Panties, shorts and briefs; Pique shirts; Polo knit tops; Polo shirts; Reversible jackets; Robes; Rugby shirts; Rugby shorts; Rugby tops; Scarfs; Shawls and headscarves; Shawls and stoles; Shirts; Shirts for suits; Shoe accessories, namely, fitted decorative covers for shoes; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Short-sleeved shirts; Shorts; Shrugs; Silk scarves; Skirt suits; Skorts; Skullies; Slacks; Sleeved or sleeveless jackets; Sleeveless jerseys; Slippers; Sneakers; Socks; Sport coats; Sport shirts; Sports jackets; Sports vests; Suit coats; Suits; Suits of leather; Sundresses; Sweaters; T-shirts; Tank tops; Tee shirts; Tennis dresses; Thermal underwear; Ties; Tights; Track jackets; Track pants; Track suits; Trousers; Tunics; Turtle neck shirts; Turtleneck pullovers; Turtleneck sweaters; Turtlenecks; Tuxedo belts; Tuxedos; Underpants; Undershirts; Underwear; V-neck sweaters; Vested suits; Women's clothing, namely, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses; Woven bottoms; Woven dresses; Woven or knitted underwear; Woven skirts; Woven tops



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