Trademark Coverage

Advertising, Business Consulting

Business consulting services; branding services, namely, consulting, management, policing, and enforcement of brands for businesses and/or individuals; non-downloadable computer software namely for conducting trademark clearance searches and trade name searches, policing intellectual property, managing intellectual property portfolios; computer software for providing an online database in the field of tracking office actions issued against trademark applications; computer software for alerting trademark and service mark owners when their mark is cited in an office action against third party applications; computer software for searching Trademark Trial and Appeal Board cases; secured access cloud-based software for enabling businesses and/or individuals to track and manage their intellectual property portfolios; trademark search services; trademark watch services; providing an online searchable database featuring office actions issued against trademark applications; providing a secured access database via the internet through which office actions issued against trademark applications can be viewed and searched; subscription trademark watch services in the nature of providing email alerts to trademark owners when their trademark is cited in an office action issued against a third party trademark application; scientific and technological services, namely, domain name search services, namely, conducting online computerized searches for domain names incorporating a particular word or phrase, trademark and service mark searching services to identify all uses of a mark, zip code searches to determine whether a word or name is used in a particular zip code, computerized searches to identify potential infringing or unauthorized use of a mark, and research and design related to intellectual property; industrial analysis and research services in the field of intellectual property

  • Jul 18
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