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Medical, Dental Instruments and Apparatus

Catheters; Balloon catheters; Poly catheters; Angioplasty catheters; Urethral catheters; Tubing for use with catheters; Protective guards for catheters; Medical apparatus for urethral catheterization; Intravenous catheters; Intracardiac catheter; Cervical balloon catheters; Central venous catheters; Catheters incorporating filters; Catheters for use in embolectomy; Catheters for urological purposes; Catheter skin anchor instruments; Balloon inflating devices for balloon dilation catheters; Angiographic vascular introducers for the placement catheters; Guide wires for use with balloon dilatation catheters; Hydrophilic guide wire to track catheters


Apollon Co., Ltd.

Business in Incheon, KR

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  • Mar 05
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