Trademark Coverage

Insurance, Financial

Advisory services relating to real estate ownership; Agency services for the leasing of real estate property; Appraisal of real estate; Brokerage of real estate; Commercial real estate agency services; Evaluation of real estate; Leasing of real estate; Management of real estate; Property leasing (real estate property only); Property sales services relating to real estate development; Provision of information in relation to real estate; Provision of information relating to property (real estate); Provision of information relating to real estate; Real estate acquisition (for others); Real estate advisory services; Real estate agencies; Real estate agency services; Real estate agents services; Real estate appraisal; Real estate appraisals (valuations); Real estate assessment (financial); Real estate brokerage; Real estate brokers; Real estate broking; Real estate consultancy; Real estate lease renewal services; Real estate leasing; Real estate licensing; Real estate management; Real estate selection and acquisition (on behalf of others); Real estate services relating to property development; Real estate valuations; Rental of offices (real estate); Rental of real estate; Rental of serviced offices (real estate); Renting real estate; Valuation of real estate

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