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Appliances, Lighting, Heating, Sanitary Installations

Air-conditioning apparatus; Air-conditioning installations; Air cooling apparatus; Air filtering installations; Air purifiers; Air purifiers; Air purifying apparatus and machines; Anion generating humidifiers; Autoclaves, electric, for cooking; Coffee machines, electric; Coffee percolators, electric; Coffee roasters; Dehumidifiers for household use; Electric air deodorizing apparatus; Electric air dryers; Electric fans for personal use; Electric toasters; Fans for air conditioning apparatus; Filters for air conditioning; Hot-air space heating apparatus; Hot water heating installations; Humidifiers; Humidifiers for household purposes; Light bulbs; Multi-purpose, electric countertop food preparation apparatus for cooking, baking, broiling, roasting, toasting, searing, browning, barbecuing and grilling food; Radiators, electric; USB-powered humidifiers for household use; Water filtering apparatus; Water fountains; Water heaters; Water purification installations; Water sterilizers

  • Jun 01
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